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Wednesday , April , 14 2021
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Before starting your application, please answer the following ‘pre-application checklist’ to assess whether you are eligible to apply.

IMPORTANT! After completing your application you may be asked to provide evidence documents.

if you answer NO to any of the questions, and do not have a Business Rates Account Number you will be refused

Business closed to customers:


Business Closed 4th November:

If you closed before or after 5 November 2020 you cannot apply.  

Business Closed 30th December:

If you closed before or after 31 December 2020 you cannot apply.  

Business Rates:


Business Rate account number This will be an 9-digit number starting with 10

If you do not have a Business Rate account number you are not eligible for this grant. However, a discretionary grant scheme to help those businesses which – while not legally forced to close – are severely impacted by the restrictions will be available soon. The council is currently devising a local scheme to assist affected businesses. Please continue to check our dedicated page on the website for further details Check this page now


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