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Housing Benefit


Carlisle City Council can no longer accept claims for Housing Benefit from working age Claimants, unless they live in certain types of specified/supported or temporary accommodation.

Housing Benefit is still available for single pension age people and couples who have both reached state pension age. 

People with over £16,000 in savings will not normally qualify for any benefit.

You cannot claim for a property let on a lease of more than 21 years except for shared or co-ownership schemes, or where you are the owner-occupier, or if you are a tenant in a property owned by the Crown.

How do you work it out?

Each year the Government gives us guideline figures showing the amount people should have to meet their basic needs. These figures vary depending on your circumstances. The amount of benefit may be reduced if there are other adults living in the household, for example children over the age of 18.


Backdated claims

If you think you have 'good cause' for a late claim please make sure that you fill in an application form for the period in question.

Still not sure if you qualify? Don't miss out, make a claim.

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