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Sunday , August , 07 2022
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FREE Funding up to £25,000 for Energy Efficiency measures through Sustainable Warmth Cumbria

We can help eligible households in Cumbria to access a government grant to install energy efficient products into homes across Cumbria regardless of which local authority area you may live in. This scheme has the backing of all 6 District and Borough Councils in Cumbria. These improvements will make homes warmer and more comfortable whilst helping to lower energy bills and carbon emissions. Sustainable Warmth Cumbria scheme encompasses the Green Home Grant Local Authority Delivery Programme Phase 3 (LAD3) and Home Upgrade Grants (HUG1). To apply please complete and return the Sustainable Warmth Cumbria grant application form which can be downloaded below. 

The funding aims to boost the local economy to retrofit a target 1,310 owner occupied and privately tenanted homes with energy efficiency installations and low carbon heating. Projects that upgrade homes with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E, F or G will be prioritised. Upgrades to properties with an EPC rating of D will be limited.

The six Cumbrian District Councils are working together to deliver energy efficiency measures to households that have a combined household income of less than £30,000 per year OR up to £38,000 for larger households depending on your local authority’s ECO flexible eligibility policy OR are in receipt of a means-tested benefit OR if your housing costs (that is rent or mortgage) are such that your combined household income is below £20,000.

Each District will be writing to households who may be eligible under the scheme so if you receive a letter or are interested in learning more please get in contact with us at [email protected]. Eligible owner-occupied households can receive grant funding between £10,000 to £25,000 depending on your property and your heating type . Owner occupiers do not need to contribute any money themselves. Landlords of privately rented homes may also be eligible for funding up to £5,000 subject to a contribution of a third of the cost of the measures.

Act quick! Contact Now! This is a time limited scheme.

Please email [email protected] or complete the Sustainable Warmth Application Form.

You can find out if your property has an EPC certificate here.

Energy performance certificate

Energy measures that are eligible under the scheme include:

  • External Wall Insulation (EWI).
  • Internal wall and room in roof insulation.
  • Solar PV.
  • Loft, under-floor and Cavity Wall Insulation.
  • Air Source Heat Pumps.
  • Smart heating controls.
  • Single to Double glazing.
  • Park Home insulation.
  • Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

We will be adopting a ‘fabric first’, whole house approach to ensure maximum use of the grant funding and to increase their energy performance rating. You do not have to have an EPC to be eligible as we can do this as part of the programme.

To be eligible you will need to:

  • Live in Cumbria and be an owner occupier or privately rent.
  • Have a combined household income of less than £30,000 per year ( if you have 3 or more household members the income may be up to £38,000 depending on your local authority’s ECO flex policy) OR be in receipt of a means-tested benefit.
  • Have an EPC rating of D, E, F or G. If you do not have an EPC then we can arrange this as part of the grant application.
  • If you have combined household savings of £50,000 or more, your application will be assessed on a case by case basis. This is in order to ensure that all grants are awarded in the spirit of the local authority scheme rules.


To apply please complete and return the Sustainable Warmth Cumbria grant application form available below or email [email protected]


  • FULL copy of current means-tested benefit or tax credits award letter showing name and address including council tax reduction (benefit); universal credit; tax credits; pension credit OR
  • For evidence of wages: 2 months or 5 weeks of payslips (issued within the last 3 months)
  • For occupational pensions: 2 months’ payslips (issued within the last 3 months) or most recent current annual award letter
  • For self-employed: Most recent HMRC tax return showing annual income
  • Current non-means-tested benefit award letter (such as state retirement pension, PIP or Attendance Allowance) AND/OR
  • FULL months bank statement of each adult resident issued within last 3 months that clearly shows income.

If you have income that does not come into the above categories or which does not show on a bank statement please contact us for further clarification.

Homelife Carlisle Home Improvement Agency (HIA) Page

Procurement For Sustainable Warmth Cumbria Scheme

We are seeking delivery partners through the method of a Dynamic Purchasing System from the Retrofit Programme Delivery Services DPS managed by Procure Plus. There will be options to apply separately to deliver to areas within Cumbria, including within the two new unitary authority areas of Cumberland (encompassing Carlisle City Council, Allerdale and Copeland Borough Councils areas) and Westmorland and Furness (encompassing Barrow-in-Furness Borough, Eden and South Lakeland areas) if suppliers do not have the capacity to deliver across the whole geographical Cumbrian area.

Delivery Partners for LOT 3 (Installers/ Managing Agents) and LOT 4 (Retrofit Co-ordination Services) are being sought via the DPS for both areas. We are seeking multiple companies to deliver LOT 3 in both areas.

We are also interested in taking expressions of interest from small and medium sized businesses who may be interested in ‘on-boarding’/sub-contracting to larger suppliers. The work will be delivered by companies on Lot 3 Retrofit Managing Agents (RMA) – Installation Delivery of the DPS. All assessment, installation and evaluation must be compliant with PAS2035, TrustMark, PAS2030:19 and MCS so the RMA appointed to this Lot must be able to provide all services using qualified operatives either via their own direct labour resource or through sub-contractors working on their behalf. RMA able to only offer single installation measures and/or multi-measure retrofit but unable to provide full PAS2035 compliance, would be unsuccessful in competitions.

Update on previous Green Homes Grant LAD2 scheme administered by Eden District Council and EON

Due to an unprecedented number of applications for the Green Homes Grant (LAD2) Scheme in Cumbria, we are pleased to say that the scheme has been very popular and has now reached its capacity. The scheme cannot accept any new applications.

The LAD2 scheme, delivered by EON, operated on a first come, first served basis and also depended on what kind of measures were available. If you have already applied to EON , EON will inform you whether you have been accepted onto the scheme and will be progressing the application. Please note that it will depend on the results of the retrofit assessment survey and what measures are still available as to whether the application will proceed further and measures installed.

If you believe that you could have met the criteria for the Green Homes Grant Scheme but have not been able to make an application before 23/03/2022, please review the details of the forthcoming Sustainable Warmth Grant Scheme available on this page.

If you wish to apply, complete and return the Expression of Interest Form to email: [email protected] or post to: Homelife Carlisle HIA, Carlisle City Council, Civic Centre, Carlisle, CA3 8QG if you have only applied directly to EON. Please ensure that you send evidence of your household income with the expression of interest form and complete all the relevant sections.

All applicants for the Sustainable Warmth Grant Scheme will be contacted once the scheme commences in June 2022. Any retrofit assessment surveys that may have already been carried out on your home may be utilised for the Sustainable Warmth Scheme.

Please note that ELIGIBLE applications for Sustainable Warmth will be decided based on the following criteria and in no particular order:

  • Date of FULL application received including income evidence.
  • The availability and practicalities of the measures assessed as being required including the scope of the project and also based on the grant funding application.
  • The worst performing properties, such as F- rated EPCs, will be prioritised.
  • Whether ancillary works are required to allow retrofitting (such as electrical/damp etc)
  • Whether the works can be carried out in the time frame of the project.

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