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Friday , September , 29 2023
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Payment problems

If you fail to pay a reminder or final notice the Council will take further recovery action to obtain the money due.

This is done through the Magistrates Court and you will be sent a Summons that will tell you how much money you owe and when the hearing will be. You will be charged costs of £62.50 for the issue of the summons.

What if I think the amount shown on the summons is wrong?

Contact us before the court hearing date. The court cannot answer any questions you may have about the amount of the summons, or whether you should be getting a reduction.

What if I cannot pay in full?

We can discuss payment with you at any time before the hearing and we may allow you time to pay depending on your circumstances.

A liability order issued by the court gives us the following powers:

  • The power to instruct an Enforcement Agent to collect the debt.
  • The power to commence insolvency proceedings through the County Court for your personal bankruptcy or corporate liquidation.
  • The power to seek your committal to prison.

Enforcement Agents

If you have not made a suitable payment arrangement, then we can use an Enforcement Agent to collect the Business Rates or Council Tax which is due. This will add more costs to the amount you have to pay.

The Enforcement Agent can recover the debt you owe by removing and selling your goods. He can remove goods up to the value of the money you owe the Council and their own costs. The goods will then be sold at public auction. The Enforcement Agent can take almost any goods that you own. He must give you a receipt for all the money you give them.

If you pay your debt, including all costs, before any goods are taken or sold, the seizure or sale will be stopped.

You can keep your goods in your property if you have signed an agreement with the Enforcement Agent. He will return at a later date if you do not make repayments as agreed.

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