Complaints about taxis

If the complaint is about a private hire vehicle or taxi booked through a company, you should first complain to the company. In most cases, they will investigate and sort things out quickly. If you aren't happy with how they treat your complaint, if the driver is self-employed or the taxi was hailed in the street or from a rank, please contact us to make a complaint.

Tell us what happened, when it happened and identify the driver and vehicle. Make a note of the driver's badge number (displayed in the cab) and the vehicle's plate number (on the back of the vehicle) if you can.

Also please include your name and address and, if you would rather be contacted by telephone or email, your contact details.

What will happen next

In cases of serious misconduct you may be required to make a witness statement and will be advised that formal disciplinary action may depend on you supporting your statement in person at a disciplinary hearing.

If it is alleged that criminal offences have been committed, complainants will be referred to the police. In these cases any action will be postponed until the police have completed their enquiries and closed the incident. This may mean waiting to see a conviction is made.

If there are two conflicting accounts of an incident and no independent witnesses then our powers are limited. In such cases the driver may only be given words of advice on the standard of driving and behaviour expected from licensed drivers.

A record of the complaint is placed on the driver's personal file to give the office a picture of the behaviour of the driver and this could be used to substantiate similar incidents if they were to occur in the future.

A number of minor complaints in a short space of time or a similar incident occurring could lead to disciplinary action being taken.

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