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Monday , July , 23 2018

A-Z of Services

This A to Z of services list provides links to service pages on the Carlisle website. The services are arranged alphabetically for convenience and can be viewed by selecting an appropriate letter

The following services were found for the letter L:

Closest Match Which Site? Link to View
Licences and Permits This: /Business/LicencesandPermits
Leisure This: /Residents/Leisure
Landlord, change of tenant This: /Residents/CouncilTax/Landlord,changeoftenant
Local Housing Allowance This: /Residents/Benefitsandsupport/LocalHousingAllowance
Low Cost Housing This: /Residents/HousingandHomeless/LowCostHousing
Land Charges This: /Business/MoreBusiness/LandCharges
Listed Buildings & Structures This: /Residents/PlanningBuildingControl/HeritageTreesandConservation/ListedBuildingsStructures
Local Heritage Asset List This: /Residents/PlanningBuildingControl/HeritageTreesandConservation/LocalHeritageAssetList
Litter and Graffiti This: /Residents/EnvironmentalProblems/AntiSocialBehaviour/LitterandGraffiti
LCH Application Form This: /Residents/HousingandHomeless/LowCostHousing/LCHApplicationForm
Living in Carlisle Carlisle Business: Mini Site /carlisle-business/WhyCarlisle/LivinginCarlisle
Local Plan - Chapters Planning Policy: Mini Site /planning-policy/AdoptedPlans/LocalPlan-Chapters
Land Use Community Led Planning Planning Policy: Mini Site /planning-policy/NeighbourhoodPlanning/LandUseCommunityLedPlanning
Local Development Scheme (LDS) Planning Policy: Mini Site /planning-policy/PlansInPreparation/LocalDevelopmentScheme(LDS)
Local Plan Examination Planning Policy: Mini Site /planning-policy/AdoptedPlans/CarlisleDistrictLocalPlan2015-2030/LocalPlanExamination
Lists and registers Open Data: Mini Site /open-data/PublicationScheme/Listsandregisters
Legal Notices Open Data: Mini Site /open-data/PublicationScheme/LegalNotices