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Friday , July , 20 2018

Carlisle Plan:


To improve the health, wellbeing and economic prosperity of the people of Carlisle. We will work in partnership to further establish our position as the regional centre and focus for investment, ensuring that residents can share in the benefits through increased opportunities and greater choice of jobs, range of housing, and a quality environment.

Priorties and Principles
  • Introduction
  • Principles
  • Economic prospects
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Local environment
  • Housing needs
  • Promote Carlisle
  • Carlisle Plan

    The Carlisle Plan 2015-18 sets out the Council’s overall vision for Carlisle, supported by five priorities. The vision gives a clear direction and context for all our activities. We will maximise o...
  • Health and wellbeing

    Further develop sports, arts and cultural facilities to support the health and wellbeing of our residents
  • Local Environment

    Continue to improve the quality of our local environment and green spaces so that everyone can enjoy living, working in and visiting Carlisle wealth and wellbeing of our residents
  • Housing needs

    Address current and future housing needs to protect and improve residents’ quality of life

Our Principles

A clear, confident and committed council

We are clear 

  • We understand the needs of Carlisle residents and businesses
  • Our plans respond to these needs and are straightforward and easily understood
  • Our day to day work and resources are consistent with our priorities
  • We know what is expected of us and what our personal priorities are
  • We know when we are doing a good job
  • We all do our best to create clarity in how we work

We are confident 

  • We have the freedom to get on with our job and feel supported to perform at the highest level
  • We have self-belief and optimism. This comes from being trusted to do a great job and from knowing that our managers will support us
  • We are constantly improving and learning
  • We understand the importance of supporting colleagues so that they can be confident in their work.  

We are committed 

  1. We have a positive ‘can-do’ culture
  2. We are dedicated to playing our part for the benefit of the City Council and Carlisle
  3. Our ideas and concerns are listened to and together we solve our problems and get the job done
  4. We feel proud to work for the City Council and are loyal to the organisation
  5. We recognise that an important part of our work is encouraging commitment from our colleagues.


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