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Sunday , May , 09 2021
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Carlisle Plan:


To improve the health, wellbeing and economic prosperity of the people of Carlisle. We will work in partnership to further establish our position as the regional centre and focus for investment, ensuring that residents can share in the benefits through increased opportunities and greater choice of jobs, range of housing, and a quality environment.

Our Principles
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Our Principles

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•    We will be a clear, committed and confident Council.
•    The principles have been developed by our staff and councillors to guide how we will deliver our vision for Carlisle.
•    By setting out our vision, we show that we understand the needs of Carlisle’s residents, businesses and visitors. Our plans to respond to these needs are clear and straightforward. We know what is expected of us and do our best to create clarity in how we work.
•    We are committed to achieving our vision for Carlisle. We will ensure that our day to day work and resources are consistent with the priorities.
•    We will continue to work effectively with partners to drive
positive change for Carlisle and will celebrate our successes and achievements. As part of our ongoing work to develop all our communities we will engage young people and make sure the Carlisle Plan helps to deliver their aspirations for Carlisle.



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