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Monday , March , 18 2019
Find your Polling Station
For voting purposes you will be nominated to one particular polling station - this will be shown on your polling card which you will receive by post.
You cannot vote at a polling station other than the one shown on your polling card. A full list is available below or you can use the polling station finder by clicking the button .

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Polling station finder provided by the Democracy Club


The City Council currently has 52 Councillors, representing 22 different areas called wards. Thirteen wards have three Councillors; the other nine being represented by either one or two Councillors. All Councillors are elected to serve for a period of four years but may resign from the Council at any time. They may also stand for re-election when their term of office expires.

Following a boundary review, all current Carlisle City Council wards will change at the 2019 election. The Boundary Commission’s final recommendations were that Carlisle should be represented by 39 city councillors in the future: thirteen fewer than the current arrangement. The recommendations also propose that those councillors should represent 13 three-councillor wards.

About one-third of the total number of Councillors retires each year, except every fourth year when Cumbria County Council elections take place. County Councillors also serve for four years but all retire at the same time. The next County elections are in 2021.

Parish Council elections follow the cycle of elections in the rural wards of the City.

Parliamentary general elections must be held at least once every five years. The last general election was in June 2017. 

Postal Votes

You can choose to vote by post instead of voting in person at a polling station. You do not have to give a reason, but you must be on the Register of Electors and you need to apply in writing. You can have a postal vote for just one election or for as long as you would like. Postal votes can be sent to addresses in the UK or abroad.

Download a postal vote application form the Downloadable documents section.

An alternative way to vote if you are unable to get to the polling station is to appoint someone else to vote for you, called a proxy.

Proxy voting

As an alternative to postal voting, you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf (proxy voting).

If you already have a postal vote and wish to change to a proxy you must tell us by 5pm, 11 working days before the poll.

The deadline for new proxy applications to be received by the elections office is 5pm, six working days before an election.

You can apply for a permanent proxy vote if:
  • you have a permanent physical incapacity, are registered blind or receive the higher rate of mobility component of the disability living allowance
  • your work frequently takes you away from home.

The permanent application form requires a signed declaration, from either a doctor, nurse or warden of a home, or in the case of work your employer.

Proxy vote application forms can be found in the Downloadable Documents section.

Write to:

Electoral Registration Officer
Governance Directorate
Civic Centre

Polling Stations

  • Kingmoor Business Centre at Kingmoor Junior School, Liddle Close (2 Stations)
  • The Belah Centre, Briar Bank
  • 1, Etterby Close
  • Portable Cabin, car park of Gosling Bridge
  • Church of the Nazarene, Moorhouse Road (2 Stations)
  • Newtown School, Raffles Avenue
  • St Bedes School, Strathclyde Avenue
  • Portable Cabin, Hawthorn Grove
  • Botcherby Community Centre, Victoria Road
  • Botcherby Family Centre, Ennerdale Avenue
  • Portable Cabin, Cumrew Close
  • Harraby Community Centre, Edgehill Road (2 Stations)
  • Moot Hall, Brampton
  • Brampton Community Centre, (The Irthing Centre), Union Lane, Brampton
  • Village Hall, Milton
  • Beaumont Parish Hall, Kirkandrews-on-Eden
  • Village Hall, Burgh-by-Sands
  • Methodist Chapel, Chapel Field Lane, Thurstonfield
  • Village Hall, Great Orton
  • Newtown School, Raffles Avenue
  • West End Temperance Hall, Hawick Street
  • Methodist Church Hall, Wigton Road
  • Christian Science Church and Reading Room, Victoria Place
  • St Cuthbert's Court, Myddleton Street
  • Currock Community Centre, Lediard Avenue (2 Stations)
  • Bishop Harvey Goodwin School, Harold Street
  • St Herbert with St Stephen Church Hall, Blackwell Road
  • Victory Hall, Dalston
  • Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill
  • Embassy Ballroom, Cummersdale
  • Portable Cabin, Carleton (in parking area beside Green Bank Public House)
  • Village Hall, Wreay
  • Portable Cabin, Blackwell Common
  • Portable Cabin, car park of the Black Lion Public House, Durdar
  • Clubhouse, Creighton Rugby Club, Sycamore Lane
  • Methodist Church Hall, Wigton Road
  • Denton Holme Community Centre, Morley Street (2 Stations)
  • St James Parish Centre, St. James Road
  • Portable Cabin, on grassed area opposite cemetery entrance on Richardson Street
  • Portable Cabin, Lorne Crescent
  • Watson Hall, Castle Carrock
  • St. Mary’s Church, Cumrew
  • Cumwhitton Parish Hall, Cumwhitton
  • Heads Nook Village Hall, Heads Nook
  • Talkin Village Hall, Talkin
  • Village Hall, Great Corby
  • Downagate Community Centre, Warwick Bridge
  • The Pinegrove Hotel, 262 London Road
  • Inglewood Infant School, School Road (Community Annexe)
  • Harraby Catholic Club, Edgehill Road
  • Portable Cabin, at junction of Cumwhinton Road / Hopes Hill Drive
  • Clubhouse, Creighton Rugby Club, Sycamore Lane
  • Reading Room, Hayton
  • Heads Nook Village Hall, Heads Nook
  • Methodist Church Hall, Corby Hill
  • Village Hall, Walton
  • Lees Hill School, Lees Hill
  • Roadhead Public Hall, Roadhead
  • Cricket Pavilion, Lanercost
  • Taylor Institute, Low Row
  • Methodist Church Hall, Gilsland
  • Lacy Thompson Hall, Hallbankgate
  • Carlisle Window Systems, Harker
  • Rockcliffe Community Centre, Rockcliffe
  • Blackford School, Blackford
  • Longtown Memorial Hall Community Centre (2 Stations)
  • Moat Village Centre, Kirkandrews Moat
  • Roadhead Public Hall, Roadhead
  • Hethersgill Parish Hall, Hethersgill
  • Fir Ends School, Smithfield
  • Nicholforest, Public Hall
  • Westfield House, Roweltown
  • Stapleton Public Hall, Stapleton
  • St. Luke's Church Hall, Stonegarth (2 Stations)
  • Portable Cabin at junction of Newlaithes Avenue and Caslin Way
  • Portable Cabin, Borrowdale Road
  • Portable Cabin, Scawfell Road
  • St Aidan's Church Hall, Victoria Place
  • Greystone Community Centre, Close Street (2 Stations)
  • St Cuthbert's Court, Myddleton Street
  • Public Hall, Newtown, Irthington
  • Carlisle Window Systems, Harker
  • Portable Cabin at Play Area The Old School Yard, Cargo
  • Village Hall, Scaleby
  • Crosby-on-Eden Parish Hall, Crosby-on-Eden
  • Village Hall, Houghton
  • Women`s Institute Hall, Linstock
  • Portable Cabin, car park of Gosling Bridge
  • Portable Cabin, Knowefield Avenue (at junction with Lansdowne Crescent)
  • Stanwix Community Centre, Church Street (2 Stations)
  • St. Augustine's Parish Centre, Waverley Road
  • Portable Cabin, car park of Gosling Bridge
  • St. Margaret Mary's Social Club, Scalegate Road
  • CDC Building adjacent to Upperby School, Uldale Road
  • St John Ambulance Centre, Scalegate Road
  • Petteril Bank Community Centre, Burnett Road


  • Village Hall, Cotehill
  • Cumwhinton Village Hall, Cumwhinton
  • Parish Centre, Scotby
  • Memorial Hall, Warwick-on-Eden
  • Wetheral Community Centre
  • Portable Cabin, Aglionby - on 'The Strand'
  • Portable Cabin, Cumrew Close
  • Clubhouse, Creighton Rugby Club, Sycamore Lane


  • Yewdale Community Centre, Hutton Way (2 Stations)
  • Portable Cabin, on tarmac area between Whernside and Richmond Green
  • Portable Cabin, on paved area between Nairn Way/Egerton Grove
  • Richard Rose Morton Academy, Wigton Road

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