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Saving Energy in the Home

Keep warm and well this winter

In recent years, we've had the coldest winters on record with temperatures dropping to minus 19 degrees Celsius in some areas of Carlisle. We are all more likely to feel the chill in winter, but cold weather can lead to more serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes or pneumonia. By staying warm, you can stay healthy and well.

Prepare yourself

  • Keep your home warm.
  • Eat well and stock up with tinned and frozen foods.
  • Drink plenty of hot drinks.
  • Wrap up warm when you go out.
  • Stay active, move around your home.
  • Keep this number near your phone, if you don’t feel well ring NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

Prepare your home

Gas and electricity are expensive. it is important not to lose heat from your home. There are many ways to stop heat escaping:

  • Make sure your loft has at least 10-11 inches (270mm) of insulation.
  • If you have wall cavity walls, insulate them too.
  • Insulate your hot water cylinder and pipes.
  • Have your boiler and heating system checked.

Don’t turn down your heating during cold spells

It is important that you stay warm, if you are worried about your fuel bills contact your energy supplier they will be able to help you budget your account.

If you use a card meter ensure you have a stock of top-up cards in the house, and don’t forget your meter has emergency credit.

Useful telephone numbers

Managing your bills Home Heat Help Line 0800 33 66 99
Heating Breakdowns and Energy Efficiency Measures Homelife Carlisle 01228 817111

Saving Energy in Carlisle

Did you know?

  • We lose 25% of our heat through the roof and 35% of our heat through the walls.
  • Insulating your tank can save you £10 a year.
  • By turning your room thermostat down by 1°C can reduce your heating bills by up to 10%.

Homelife Carlisle  Home Improvement Agency (HIA) Have access to grants and schemes available to assist with saving energy including draught proofing. You can find out more by calling them on 01228 817111 or email on [email protected]

  Saving Energy

Cavity Wall Insulation

By having a contractor install cavity wall insulation, using the same materials as those commonly used for loft insulation (mineral wool, glass fibre or polystyrene) you can reduce the heat loss through your walls by up to 30%. Cavity wall insulation for a three bedroom semi-detached house now costs as little as £130.

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