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Wednesday , March , 22 2023
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Animal Boarding

Any business, including those who use a private home, for housing other people's cats or dogs are required to be licensed. This includes catteries, kennels, home boarding for dogs and day care for dogs.  It also includes businesses which arrange for the provision of accommodation for other people’s cat and dogs, for example, businesses which connect pet owners with people willing to look after their animals for no fee (just minor expenses).

Activities that do not require a license:

  • Businesses that look after the cat or dog within its normal place of residence (such as dog walkers, dog or cat sitters)
  • Individuals that look after specific dogs or cats not as a business (such as a friend’s or relative’s pets.

‘Each business issued with a licence will be awarded a ‘Star Rating’, which must be displayed. The Star Rating will range from 1 star (meeting minimum standards) to 5 stars (meeting higher standards) and will be based on compliance with the Statutory Conditions and Standards. Information on how the Local Authority calculates the Star Rating can be found in the DEFRA guidance entitled ‘Procedural Guidance for Local Authorities’,’

Please refer to the downloadable Providing boarding in Kennels for dogs, or Providing boarding for cats, or Providing Home boarding for dogs or Providing Day care for dogs Conditions and DEFRA guidance document for more information.

Application & Fees

* Where an application relates to more than one activity, the higher licence application/Issue fee will apply and the additional activity fee will also be payable for each additional licensable activity applied for.
Licence Type 2022-23 PART A Application Fee  PART B        Grant of Licence Fee Additional Cost to Applicant
Animal Boarding (inc Kennels, Catteries & Dog Day Care) New £183 £53.50 Nil
Renewal £163 £53.50 Nil
2/3 Year Licences - Inspection Fee £133 N/A Nil
Home Boarding New £141 £35 Nil
Renewal £128 £35 Nil
2/3 Year Licences - Inspection Fee £84.50 N/A Nil
Additional Licensable Activities* New / Renewal

2/3 Year Licence - Inspection Fee

N/A + Vets Fee if required
Variation to licence/re-evaluation of star rating - Animal Boarding / Selling Animals as Pets / Keeping animals for exhibition Variation £133  N/A  Nil
Minor Variation of Licence - fixed fee Variation £28  N/A  Nil
Transfer of Licence due to death of licensee - fixed fee Transfer £28  N/A  Nil

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