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Sunday , April , 22 2018

Dog breeding

Under the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973, amended by the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999, you must have a licence to keep a breeding establishment for dogs., Carlisle City Council may issue licences to proprietors of breeding establishments stipulating conditions which must be complied with by the licensee.

Definition of a breeding establishment

A breeding establishment is defined as any premises, including a private dwelling, where a business of breeding dogs for sale is carried out.

A person is presumed to be carrying out the business of breeding dogs for sale where, they breed and sell more than two litters in a 12 month period, or during any 12 month period, five or more litters are born to his/her bitches which are:

(a) kept by him at any premises during any period of 12 months;

(b) kept by any relative of his at those premises;

(c) kept by him elsewhere; and

(d) kept by any person under a breeding arrangement with him.

The above will not apply if a breeder is able to prove that none of the puppies born to bitches at their premises or under a breeding arrangement was in fact sold during the 12 month period.

Eligibility criteria

You will not be granted a Licence if you have been disqualified from any of the following

 - Keeping a breeding establishment for dogs

 - Keeping a pet shop under the Pet Animals Act 1951

 - Having custody of animals under the Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1954

 - Keeping a boarding establishment for animals under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963


Please contact us if you have a complaint about the welfare of animals or nuisance caused by a dog breeding establishment, or if you know of any Dog Breeders in Carlisle that do not have a Licence.

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