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Wednesday , November , 29 2023
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Charitable Street Collections

A street collection licence covers a collection of money or sale of articles for the benefit of charitable purposes, on the streets of Carlisle.

We issue licences for street collections on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Applicants must contact the City Centre Management Team 01228 817512 or [email protected] prior to making application to check availability of dates.  If another charity have already booked the day you request an alternative date may be offered.  If you are offered a date you will need to complete an application form issued by the City Centre Management Team and a permit will then be issued.

A street collection licence must not provide financial gain for any individual and the whole proceeds of the collection, with the exception of minor expenses, must be donated to the charity.  A statement of returns showing the amount collected less expenses and payments incurred must be provided to the City Council within one month of the collection.  Failure to do so may prevent further applications being granted.

Apply for a Charitable Street Collection licence

Face to Face (F2F) Fundraising

Face-to-face (F2F) fundraising is the solicitation of a regular gift (usually monthly) to charity by a direct debit or a standing order. Face-to-face fundraisers are not authorised to make any request or collection for cash at that time.

Face-to-face fundraisers are sometimes referred to as 'chuggers'.

Information for charities

Charitable collections by way of direct debit pledges are administered by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association  (PFRA) under a site management agreement that came into effect on 1st March 2016. The PRFA maintain a diary of face to face fundraising collections. If you wish to carry out a direct debit collection you can telephone the PFRA on 020 7401 8452.

Information for members of the public

If anyone wishes to complain about face-to-face fundraising in Carlisle, please contact the PFRA on 020 7401 8452.  Their officers will resolve the issue with the management team of the charity concerned and issue penalty points in cases where a rule breach has occurred.

House to House Collections

A permit is required to undertake a 'house to house' collection under the House to House Collections Act 1939.

If your organisation does not have a Home Office Exemption Order, then your organisation will need to apply for a permit before they can collect money or articles door to door, which they intend to sell.

How do I apply for a permit?

  • You must complete the House to House permit application form.
  • You must attach a valid agreement between the charity and the organisation who will be carrying out the collection stipulating the start and end dates of the agreement
  • Also a letter from the charity which authorises the relevant organisation to do the collection on their behalf
  • The Licensing Team will issue the permits
  • You must complete the House to House collection returns form when you have completed your House to House Collection and return to the Licensing Team
  • These permits can be for different lengths of time up to a maximum of one year
  • Please allow one month for your permit to be issued.

Is anyone exempt?

Some charities such as Christian Aid and British Heart Foundation will have a Home Office Exemption Order which exempts them from having to apply for a permit.

Even if your organisation has a Home Office Exemption Order, you must inform the Licensing Team in writing or by email of the dates that you will be collecting in Carlisle.

Apply for a House to House Collection permit



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