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Wednesday , February , 21 2018

Animal Licensed Premises

Officers from Regulatory Services inspect premises every year to ensure that they comply with licence conditions. Premises are also subject to additional checks to ensure standards are maintained.

The standards relate to structure, safety, security, infectious disease control, and the suitability of the licence holder. The aim is to:

  • ensure minimum standards of welfare for animals
  • prevent the spread of disease and
  • ensure the safety of the public visiting these premises.

Periodic inspections are carried out to confirm standards are maintained, and in response to complaints.

Our advice to anyone using these premises is always:

  • check they are licensed, and ask to see the current licence
  • inspect the premises prior to leaving your pet, buying an animal, or taking a riding lesson
  • ensure that riding schools have current public liability insurance 

You and your premises need to be registered with the Council.

Animal movement licensing

Any person keeping or wanting to keep the following animals:

  • Cattle
  • Sheep and goats
  • Pigs

must apply to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for a holding number. When this number is received the animals can be moved onto or off the premises via the method described on the DEFRA website (link on the right).

All movements are controlled by general license. In addition to the general license, deer, sheep and goats must be accompanied by a form AML1 and pigs by a form AML2. These need to filled in triplicate. One copy to be retained by the owner of the animals, two copies to the person buying the animals, one of which should be forwarded to his Local Authority. These can be obtained from us or downloaded from the DEFRA website.

If you have a query regarding the movement of animals or would like any of the above forms please contact us.

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