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Saturday , July , 20 2024
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Sense of Place

Carlisle is a great place to live, work and have fun. We have world renowned attractions, fantastic scenery, an amazing history, loads of sports and activities to get involved with; great businesses and we’re well connected. Carlisle has a tremendous opportunity to develop by growing more businesses, attracting more visitors and making the most of the talented people in our area. However, in a changing world we have to do things differently to get the results we want. We need a fresh way for the public and private sectors to work together, we need resources from other than the public sector to get things done and we have to compete nationally and internationally like never before. We have a compelling new story for Carlisle, together we need to tell it and sell it.

The ‘new’ Carlisle Story

We all want Carlisle to be successful; to attract people to visit and live in the area, encourage those here already to stay, persuade investors and developers to see us as a place worth investing in and create and attract new jobs whilst keeping the ones we have.

At the same time it is important to raise ambition and aspiration amongst local residents, young people and businesses. We need to encourage people to view us in a positive light by explaining why we are special, how we are creating a better place, what we offer and our plans for the future.

Carlisle Ambassadors

Carlisle Ambassadors is a scheme that will unite businesses, organisations and individuals across the area in a powerful network to change perceptions of the city and area and raise its profile.

Carlisle Ambassadors will bring together the knowledge, networks and influence of businesses, organisations and individuals as a powerful force, helping the place compete, attracting investment, business and visitors to create a more successful economy for the benefit of everyone.

Carlisle Toolkit & Resources

The Carlisle Toolkit introduces and instructs a strategically driven visual expression which is used to communicate and illustrate Carlisle’s unique story. The expression should influence all future communications and is based on the city’s big idea and themes.

There is also a photo library which is free for everyone to use (found on the right).

To get a copy of the Carlisle Storybook, Carlisle Toolkit or for further information on the Carlisle Ambassadors programme, please contact [email protected]

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