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Wednesday , January , 20 2021
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Community Right to Bid and Community Asset Register

The Community Right to Bid is an opportunity which was introduced under the Localism Act (2011) to help communities looking to take over and run an asset in their local area.

Community groups can nominate local assets considered to be of community value, to be listed on a register published by Carlisle City Council. These assets could be owned by a public body, private company, or an individual.  Examples of land and building assets include parks and play spaces, museums, village / community halls, sports centres, pubs, shops and swimming pools.

The Council will consider whether or not the asset is of community value and decide whether it should be listed. If an asset is listed and the owner decides to dispose of it, the community may have the opportunity to bid on the asset, depending on the circumstances of a proposed sale.

For further information about the Council's Community Right to Bid process and how to nominate a community asset please see the downloadable documents section:

  • Community Right to Bid guidance
  • Community Right to Bid - Assets of Community Value nomination form
  • Community Asset Register - this provides details of all assets successfully and unsuccessfully nominated through the Community Right to bid process. Please note that this list is separate to the Council's Asset Register.

You may also wish to view the Government guidance Community Right to Bid: Non-statutory advice note for local authorities.  There is a range of support available to community groups looking to use the Community Right to Bid.  Further information and funding opportunities can be found on the My Community Rights website.


Community Asset Transfer

Community Asset Transfer is the transfer of land, buildings or structures (assets) owned by a public body to community/voluntary groups or social enterprises. That group or organisation then becomes responsible for running, managing, and maintaining it, including all the associated costs.

We are committed to forming long-term partnerships with local communities and organisations wishing to take over the running and management of council owned assets.  Organisations can approach the Council at any time to express their interest in an asset transfer.  For further information about our process and how to apply, please see the downloadable documents section below:

  • Community Asset Transfer Policy
  • Community Asset Transfer Process
  • Community Asset Transfer Application Form

Cumbria Compact

Carlisle City Council signed up to the Cumbria Compact in July 2012.  This confirmed the Council’s commitment to continue working with the Voluntary and Community sector and to ensure good working relationships are maintained.

The purpose of the Compact is to provide a single document that governs the relationship between Public Sector bodies and the Voluntary and Community sector in Cumbria. It has been developed via a county wide group and has been signed up to by a range of partner agencies across the county. 

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