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Sunday , January , 24 2021
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UK Parliamentary Election 2019

General Election 2019 - Carlisle constituency

The General Election was held on Thursday, 12 December 2019.

Total number of eligible voters was = 65,105

The results are as follows

Candidates Representative Party Votes
Julia Catherine Weir AGLIONBY Liberal Democrats 2,829
Ruth ALCROFT Labour Party  15,340
Fiona Rachel MILLS UKIP Make Brexit Happen  1,045
John STEVENSON The Conservative Party Candidate  23,659
Spoilt Votes    195
  Total number of votes cast  43,068
  The % turnout was  66.15%
  Majority  8,319
Make-up of Carlisle City Council after Thursday 2 May 2019 Election:

Elections were held in the following 13 wards: Belah & Kingmoor; Botcherby & Harraby North; Brampton & Fellside; Cathedral & Castle; Currock & Upperby; Dalston & Burgh; Denton Holme & Morton South; Harraby South & Parklands; Longtown & the Border; Newtown & Morton North; Sandsfield & Morton West; Stanwix & Houghton; and Wetheral & Corby.

There was a 32.11 % overall turnout and 39 Carlisle City Councillors were elected.

The composition of Carlisle City Council following the 2019 election is as follows:

Conservative 17
Green Party 1
Independent 4
Labour 15
Liberal Democrat 1



2019 - Results by Wards (click on Ward name to display results)
Candidate Party Votes Status
BOWDITCH, Steven The Labour Party Candidate  502  
DAVISON, Helen The Green Party  719 Elected
ELLIS, Gareth Michael The Conservative Party Candidate  831 Elected
GEE, Michael Anthony Liberal Democrat 218  
MORTON, David Douglass The Conservative Party Candidate  860 Elected
QUILTER, Anne The Labour Party Candidate 362  
RIDDLE, Jessica The Labour Party Candidate 387  
SCOTT, Niall James UKIP Make Brexit Happen 351  
TOOLE, Alan Independent 558  
VASEY, Patricia  The Conservative Party Candidate 622  
Percentage Turnout 35.96%
Candidate Party Votes Status
BETTON, Robert William Independent 1016 Elected
BOMFORD, Jeffrey Independent 696 Elected
CRAWFORD, Susan Margaret The Labour Party Candidate  503  
FISHER, Lawrence Neil The Conservative Party Candidate 229  
GRAHAM, David The Labour Party Candidate  441  
GREENWOOD, Suzanne Mary The Conservative Party Candidate 194  
HARID, Mohammed Abdul The Labour Party Candidate  415  
HUNTON, Jacklyn Freda UKIP Make Brexit Happen 326  
MARRINER, Virginia L P  The Conservative Party Candidate 159  
PATON, John  Independent 647 Elected
PRIOR, Fiona Marie The Green Party 149  
SMITH, Mark Putting Cumbria First 112  
WARD, Laura Putting Cumbria First 76  
Percentage Turnout 29.43%
Candidate Party Votes Status
FURNEAUX, Elizabeth Ann  The Labour Party Candidate  675  
LOGIE, Rosemary  UKIP Make Brexit Happen 377  
MELLER, Keith The Conservative Party 877 Elected
MITCHELSON, Michael Robert The Conservative Party 1150 Elected
PARSONS, Doreen Heather The Conservative Party 690  
SEYMOUR, Sharon Lorraine  The Green Party 793  
TINNION, Raymond Independent 1052 Elected
Percentage Turnout 37.85%
Candidate Party Votes Status
ATKINSON, Louise Phyllis The Labour Party Candidate  763 Elected
FINLAYSON, Pauline Dorothy The Conservative Party Candidate  364  
GLENDINNING, Anne The Labour Party Candidate  817 Elected
HUNT, Richard Sebastian The Green Party 430  
ROBINSON, Christopher Peter The Labour Party Candidate  695 Elected
ROWLEY, Kathleen Mary The Conservative Party Candidate  333  
SIDGWICK, Stephen Ronald Independent 312  
STORY, Michael Jon UK Independence Party 336  
STUART, William The Conservative Party Candidate  303  
WOOD, David John Liberal Democrat 200  
Percentage Turnout 25.97%
Candidate Party Votes Status
DENHOLM, John Gordon UKIP Make Brexit Happen 556 Elected
DOLAN, Hannah The Conservative Party Candidate 283  
GLOVER, Colin William The Labour Party Candidate  798 Elected
GRAHAM, Max Joseph The Conservative Party Candidate 326  
HIGGINS, Sky Fiona The Green Party 251  
LISHMAN, Neville John The Conservative Party Candidate 293  
OSLER, James Ernest Liberal Democrat 237  
PATRICK, Lucy The Labour Party Candidate  667 Elected
RYNN, Robert Mark The Labour Party Candidate  555  
Percentage Turnout 25.46%
Candidate Party Votes Status
ALLISON, Trevor Liberal Democrat 1449 Elected
COLLIER, John Richard The Conservative Party Candidate 923 Elected
CROSS, Paul Robert The Green Party 572  
DOUGLASS, Philip Francis  UK Independence Party 357  
MCKERRELL, Ann Vipond The Conservative Party Candidate  1089 Elected
MITCHELL,  Robert Geoffrey  The Conservative Party Candidate  614  
REED, Erin The Labour Party Candidate  469  
Percentage Turnout 40.82%
Candidate Party Votes Status
ALCROFT, Ruth Elizabeth The Labour Party Candidate  725 Elected
BROWN, Lisa Margaret The Labour Party Candidate  690 Elected
EDEN, Barbara The Conservative Party Candidate 336  
FINLAYSON, Robin Anthony The Conservative Party Candidate 336  
MAY, Colin Putting Cumbria First 366  
MCKERRELL, Charles Henry The Conservative Party Candidate 325  
MORRISON, Robin William James  The Green Party 331  
SOUTHWARD, Christopher John The Labour Party Candidate  734 Elected
WARMINGHAM, John Duncan UKIP Make Brexit Happen 376  
Percentage Turnout 26.51%
Candidate Party Votes Status
ALI, Syed Fiftul The Conservative Party Candidate 438  
DOBSON, Gillian Marie UKIP Make Brexit Happen 537  
ELLIS-WILLIAMS, Joanne The Labour Party Candidate  649 Elected
KELLY, Fiona Elizabeth  Independent 236  
MCNULTY, Niall Daniel The Labour Party Candidate  689 Elected
MITCHELL, Linda Margaret The Conservative Party Candidate  543  
OSBORNE, Geoffrey Laurence The Conservative Party Candidate  487  
PETERS, Alan Rudolf Malcolm Daniel   The Green Party 263  
SHERRIFF, Lee Barbara The Labour Party Candidate  721 Elected
Percentage Turnout 28.60%
Candidate Party Votes Status
GOODWIN, Henry Bryson The Green Party 471  
MALLINSON, John The Conservative Party Candidate 906 Elected
MILLS, Fiona Rachel UK Independence Party 438  
SHEPHERD, David The Conservative Party Candidate 885 Elected
SUNTER, Peter John The Labour Party Candidate  361  
TARBITT, Valerie Ann The Conservative Party Candidate 1028 Elected
Percentage Turnout 30.87%
Candidate Party Votes Status
ATKINSON, Helen Elizabeth The Green Party 315  
BIRKS, Pamela The Labour Party Candidate  709 Elected
BLOXHAM, Olive The Conservative Party Candidate 425  
MCKERRELL, Hugh Boyd The Conservative Party Candidate 455  
PORTER, James Ferris The Conservative Party Candidate 386  
REID-SINCLAIR, Robert  UKIP Make Brexit Happen 459  
RODGERSON, Calvin Joshua The Labour Party Candidate  647 Elected
TICKNER, Leslie The Labour Party Candidate  739 Elected
Percentage Turnout 25.24%
Candidate Party Votes Status
BAINBRIDGE, James Robert The Conservative Party Candidate 976 Elected
BRADLEY, Jeanette Maria The Labour Party Candidate  867 Elected
COATES, Jeffrey  Liberal Democrat 423  
CURRIE, Robert Gordon  The Conservative Party Candidate 835  
FINLAYSON, Christina Agnes The Conservative Party Candidate 878 Elected
FOSTER, Penelope Bothepa The Green Party 333  
LINFORD, Timothy Mark  The Labour Party Candidate  732  
WATSON, Reginald The Labour Party Candidate  646  
WRIGHT, Hayley Danielle UK Independence Party 481  
Percentage Turnout 34.34%
Candidate Party Votes Status
BURKE, Joanne The Labour Party Candidate  695  
HARDING, John James UKIP Make Brexit Happen 426  
MALLINSON, Elizabeth Anne The Conservative Party Candidate 1292 Elected
NEDVED, Paul Nigel Hamilton The Conservative Party Candidate 1131 Elected
OOMAR-SNAITH, Afsah The Labour Party Candidate  507  
REARDON, John Bernard The Green Party 720  
ROBSON, Fiona Jane The Conservative Party Candidate 1134 Elected
SIMPSON, Julie The Labour Party Candidate  668  
Percentage Turnout 38.73%
Candidate Party Votes Status
BOWMAN, Marilyn Louise The Conservative Party Candidate 953 Elected
BREWIS, Dallas Jane The Green Party 593  
CHRISTIAN, Nigel Edward The Conservative Party Candidate 1023 Elected
GRAHAM, William James  Independent 649  
HIGGS, Stephen Michael The Conservative Party Candidate 1101 Elected
MOSS, Christopher Stanley Liberal Democrat 501  
ROUND,  Geoffrey Ernest  UK Independence Party 330  
STOTHARD, George Colin The Labour Party Candidate  451  
Percentage Turnout 40.20%
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