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If you cannot find the information you want in our service pages, you may be able to find it on this main FAQ page.
After looking at the statistics of how users browse our site we have now focused on the most used services as priority, many hundreds of information pages on our site that were accessed rarely or sometimes not at all have now been removed to de-clutter and make our site easier to use.

However we still accept that some information is desirable to help our users better understand aspects of how Carlisle City Council services work, so we provide FAQ lists on most our section landing pages.
All FAQs including any FAQ that does not fit in any of our our site sections are accessible here in the master FAQ page.

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Find out how to become energy efficient

Did you know?

  • We lose 25% of our heat through the roof and 35% of our heat through the walls.
  • Insulating your tank can save you £10 a year.
  • By turning your room thermostat down by 1°C can reduce your heating bills by up to 10%.

Loft Insulation
Insulating your loft can reduce the heat loss through the roof by as much as 20%.  Building Regulations now recommend 250mm (10'') of loft insulation.

Loft insulation is a relatively simple DIY job for those who are able to get into the loft. Use protective clothing, gloves and a suitable face mask if you use mineral wool or glass fibre insulation. Insulation is also made out of shredded recycled newspaper, polystyrene and even sheep's wool. The latter is great for those who have sensitive skins and may be irritated using other materials; however, it can be expensive in comparison to the more commonly used materials.

Cavity Wall Insulation
By having a contractor install cavity wall insulation, using the same materials as those commonly used for loft insulation (mineral wool, glass fibre or polystyrene) you can reduce the heat loss through your walls by up to 30%. Cavity wall insulation for a three bedroom semi-detached house now costs as little as £130.

Pipe Insulation
Remember to insulate the pipes in your loft as well as the loft space itself. Approximately 10% of heat is lost through un-insulated pipes. Pipes may freeze during the colder weather and can cause substantial damage when they thaw.

Did you know that by buying an 'A' rated appliance you could save money on your fuel bill?  The difference between a 'G' rated fridge freezer and a new 'A' rated fridge freezer could be as much as £40 a year. Savings can be made in the same way when you purchase washing machines, dishwashers and even tumble dryers.

Look out for the energy-rating sticker on the appliance the next time you buy a new one and remember that although the 'A' rated appliance may be slightly more expensive, it's bound to reduce your fuel bills.

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