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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the information you want in our service pages, you may be able to find it on this main FAQ page.
After looking at the statistics of how users browse our site we have now focused on the most used services as priority, many hundreds of information pages on our site that were accessed rarely or sometimes not at all have now been removed to de-clutter and make our site easier to use.

However we still accept that some information is desirable to help our users better understand aspects of how Carlisle City Council services work, so we provide FAQ lists on most our section landing pages.
All FAQs including any FAQ that does not fit in any of our our site sections are accessible here in the master FAQ page.

Master FAQ ( select a category or search for answers )

My licence has recently lapsed (less than 6 months ago).

  • Application form for reinstatement of a premises licence. Vessels
    should also use this form

You should supply a copy of the original licence. If this is not available, you
should tick the box requesting for a copy to be sent to you and provides a written
explanation as to why the original licence cannot be supplied.
You must give notice to some responsible authorities. You do not need to give
notice in any other way.

  • Notice of application for reinstatement for a premises licence. Vessels
    should also use this form. Use form A if there is only one applicant,
    Form B if there is more than one applicant.

The Licensing Authority will send you once of the following:

  • A notice of grant
  • A licence with Annexes attached to explain details of any conditions or
  • A notice of rejection with details of their decision

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