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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the information you want in our service pages, you may be able to find it on this main FAQ page.
After looking at the statistics of how users browse our site we have now focused on the most used services as priority, many hundreds of information pages on our site that were accessed rarely or sometimes not at all have now been removed to de-clutter and make our site easier to use.

However we still accept that some information is desirable to help our users better understand aspects of how Carlisle City Council services work, so we provide FAQ lists on most our section landing pages.
All FAQs including any FAQ that does not fit in any of our our site sections are accessible here in the master FAQ page.

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What information do we need with your claim?

Before we can award benefit, we must see proof of things you tell us about in your form. We must see original documents and not copies. Please do not send valuable items through the post, if you bring them into the Contact Centre we can take the details and give them straight back to you with a receipt to say we have seen them.

If you get Income Support, Income-based Jobseekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance Income-Related or Pension Credit we need to see proof of:

  • The benefit you receive such as current award notices or letters from DWP telling you how much you get.
  • Amount of rent if you are claiming Housing Benefit, such as tenancy agreement or a Verification of Rent form.
  • Non-dependant income if applicable

If you are on a low income, we need to see proof of:

  • A National Insurance Number (NINO) for you, and your partner if you have one, such as a National Insurance number card, pay slips or letters from DWP or the tax office.
  • Wages - your last 5 weekly, 3 fortnightly or 2 monthly pay slips, they must follow on from one another. If you have not got your pay slips you can get your employer to complete an earnings certificate.
  • If you are self employed we need to see your audited accounts. If you do not have prepared accounts please complete a self employed earnings declaration
  • If you have not been trading for a full year please complete a self employed estimate form
  • Any welfare benefit, for example, tax credits, child benefit, state retirement pension
  • Capital, savings and investments and all your Bank, Post Office and Building Society accounts
  • Your identity such as a current passport or full driving licence - see full identity list below
  • Amount of rent if you are claiming Housing Benefit, such as tenancy agreement or a Verification of Rent form  which can be printed or is available from the Benefits office
  • Non-dependant income if applicable
  • Any other income, such as maintenance received
  • If you pay for childcare from a registered provider please have them complete a child care costs form

Proof of Identity

When you send in your Benefit claim you must provide at least two original documents (not photocopies) from the lists below to prove your identity, one of which must be from List A.

If you have a partner you must also provide one of the documents from List A in his or her name.

List A

  • Benefit payment book showing National Insurance Number (NINO).
  • Wage slips from current employer.
  • National Insurance Number (NINO) card - RD3
  • P45
  • P60
  • Letter from Job Centre Plus (JCP), Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs or Pension Service showing National Insurance Number.
  • Bank statement of self employed persons paying class 2 contributions by Direct Debit.

List B

  • Bank statement (dated within the last 4 weeks of the claim)
  • Birth certificates (full or short)
  • Certificate of employment in HM forces
  • Certificate of employment in the Merchant Navy
  • Divorce/annulment papers
  • Driving Licence (full NOT provisional)
  • Gas, water, electric or BT phone bill paid and receipted for the last quarter
  • Letter from solicitor, social worker or probation officer
  • Life assurance/insurance policies
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical card
  • Passport (current and valid)
  • UK residence Permit
  • Home Office Standard Acknowledgement Letter (SAL1 or 2)
  • Identity card issued by an EC/EEA member state

Please note that some birth and marriage certificates carry disclaimers on the bottom stating they cannot be used for ID - we regret we cannot accept these.

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