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Sunday , January , 23 2022
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Update in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19):

We will be able to process your claim more quickly if you send us copies of your documents electronically. Please email information to Benefits and Support at carlisle

Please make sure that you include your name, address and, if you know it, your claim reference number or National Insurance number.

Change in Circumstances

Tell us about a change in circumstances or give us more information

You are required to tell us about anything you think might affect your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction. You must do this within 1 month of the change taking place. If you fail to inform us within a month and the change would increase your entitlement then the change will not be backdated and you will lose out on any extra benefit/reduction you otherwise would have been entitled to. If the change reduces your entitlement, we will recover any overpayment.

Here are some of the things you must tell us about

    • If you or anyone in your home stops getting benefit such as Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance or Jobseekers Allowance
    • You or anyone in your home starts or stops full time, part time or temporary work, or changes jobs
    • If you have a pay rise, change your hours or your rate of pay
    • If you have an increase in a state or private pension
    • You start to receive the state retirement pension or a private pension
    • If you or your partner give birth
    • Changes to your Child Benefit or Tax Credits including any new awards or if your award ends
    • If you enter into a new relationship or a relationship ends, e.g. if you marry, enter into a Civil Partnership, live together as a couple or separate
    • Changes to your rent
    • Changes in your address, even temporary changes
    • People moving in or out of your home, such as a partner, children, relatives or other adults
    • Income going up or down. This includes your income, your partner's income or the income of anyone else

    living with you

    • If your capital and /or savings in your household either go up or down e.g. you receive an inheritance or have an unexpected major expense
    • If you are going away temporarily. We need to know how long you expect to be away for and why you have

    gone away. This includes going on holiday, staying with a friend or relative to care for them or going into hospital

    Please note that this is not a full list and if you are unsure if a change will affect your claim, please contact us for advice. All changes must be notified in writing, even if you inform us by phone you will need to also confirm the change(s) in writing.

    You can notify us of any change in circumstances by emailing us at Benefits and Support at Carlisle

    If there is a change of circumstances you will be required to provide original proofs of evidence before your benefit will be increased or paid for your new address but do not delay telling us. We will tell you how long you have to provide the evidence that we need.

    You must complete a Change of Circumstances form for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Scheme every time you move home, even if this is between flats or rooms within the same building.

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