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Monday , October , 18 2021
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Home composting is a good way of reducing biodegradable waste (waste that rots).

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You can put organic waste that we are not able to collect in green waste bins (due to legislation) into a home composting bin. 

Most of this waste would normally go into your refuse, so by making home compost you can reduce waste as well as producing a product that can be used as a soil conditioner in your own garden.

You can compost:

fruit and vegetable peelings
tea bags and coffee grounds
crushed egg shells
grass cuttings, prunings, old bedding plants and hedge trimmings
scrunched or shredded paper and soft cardboard
animal hair
garden and pond plants.

You can’t compost:

cat or dog excrement
meat and fish
dairy products
diseased plants
disposable nappies
shiny card
hard objects.

Buy a Home Compost Bin from just £8 (plus delivery)

To buy a bin, visit  For advice about home composting, visit the RecycleNow website or telephone the home compost helpline on 0845 600 0323.

Food Waste Digester Bins from just £15 delivered.

Carlisle City Council in partnership with Cumbria County Council are pleased to be able to offer subsidised Green Cone and Green Johanna food waste digesters for their residents (£15 or £20 per unit, including delivery).  These are sealed containers that help to reduce waste in your refuse bin as, unlike a normal compost bin, you can place all cooked and uncooked food waste into them. The Green Johanna even produces a compost for your garden.

Orders can be placed on the Great Green Systems website, or, if you would prefer to order by phone or for more information please call 0800 013 1304. Price includes delivery direct to your door within 28 days.

Picture of a food waste digester (green cone)


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