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Littering and Graffiti

Throwing litter is unacceptable. It creates a dirty, unsightly environment and attracts rodents. Chewing gum and cigarette ends are classed as litter so please use the bins provided or dispose of litter sensibly.

Fly posting is putting up unauthorised posters and stickers, usually adverts, in public places. We will remove items attached to trees, bridges, lamp posts, road signs and other street furniture. We can't always deal with private property such as phone boxes, certain bus shelters or empty shops.

We have a specialist team whose job it is to clean up unsightly graffiti and fly posting around the city. We can advise on the removal of fly posters and graffiti and we can arrange for graffiti to be removed.

Anyone caught littering, fly posting or doing graffiti is likely to receive a fixed penalty notice of £80 or may be prosecuted through the courts.

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