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To report a stray dog 

If you have found a dog or see a stray dog you can contact us

Monday – Thursday 9am – 4.30pm, Friday 9am - 4pm - Contact the customer Service Team on 01228 817200

Out of hours service after above closing hours and at weekends and Bank Holidays -  Contact 07739 223378.

If the dog is contained we will make arrangements for the dog to be collected from you, if you are reporting a dog straying but not contained, then we will record this information and if possible attend the location where the dog has been seen, please note an officer will only attend if there is a risk to the public, i.e. the dog is in a children’s play area and/or school, if possible the person reporting the dog should stay with the dog.

If the dog is believed to be dangerous then the matter should be referred to the police in the first instance.

Out of Hours

We work with partners to provide an out of hours' service but this is only for the collection of a stray that has been contained, if you have found a dog after 4.30pm or on a weekend, please contact us on the number above.

If you have lost a dog

You can report your dog lost on 03003733730 and check to see if we have picked up your dog. Please note that there will be a charge payable for the return of you dog; see fees and charges below for guidance.
If we have not collected your dog, we will take your information and log it on the system and advise you if we receive any calls about it.

Returning your dog

We will attempt to return the dog to its owner, if your dog is micro-chipped and/or has a collar and tag or is identifiable through a tattoo, if we are unable to reunite dog and owner we will take the dog to the kennels. Dogs must be claimed within seven days and unclaimed dogs may be re-homed.

We do not operate an out of hours' service for the return of stray dogs, if your dog has been collected out of office hours, it will not be returned until the next available working day once payment has been received. 

Payment for stray dogs can be taken Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm and Friday 9am to 3:30pm. If a payment is made after 4.00pm your dog will not be returned until the next working day and additional fees may apply. You can make a card payment over the phone by calling 03003733730 or by calling into the Civic Centre, please be advised that cash payments are not accepted.

The costs of any vet treatment that has been necessary for your dog (e.g. where it may have been sick or injured). Please be advised this will be in addition to the costs below.

Dogs in their own gardens, houses or sheds even if unattended are not stray dogs. If the dog is neglected the matter should be referred to the RSPCA on 08705 555 999

Charges (VAT not applicable) 2024-25

If you are the owner of a dog that has been picked up as a stray, you are liable to pay the following charges. The charge includes the statutory straying fee, imposed by law, plus kennelling, collection and return home costs. Repeat incident charges will be payable if your dog is collected more than once.

Stray Dog fees Charge Repeat Incident
Out of hours collection fee At cost Total charges plus £88
Working hours collection fee At cost
Total charges plus £88
Kennelling per day At cost
Return fee At cost
Travel costs 55p per mile  
Dog returned directly home (not kennelled)  £67.10 Charge plus £88
Statutory Prescribed Fee £27.50  

* Statutory prescribed fee is added to all stray dog services

Please note that if a dog has an OOH number the £65 will apply, then £18 per night fee for kennelling and costs recovered for mileage plus return home fee at £30.

Additional amount of £27.50 added for the prescribed statutory fee.

A different fee will be applied for a dog with a PL number.

For example, out of hours dog

  • dog collected 1/4/24 and kennelled until 2/4/24 OOH1 - £65 plus £18 plus mileage 10 miles at 55p, so £5.50 total plus return home fee £30 to be paid and additional £27.50 total is £146.00
  • dog collected 1/4/24 and kennelled until 2/4/24 PL1 - £30 plus £18 plus mileage 10 miles at 55p, so £5.50 plus return home fee £30 to be paid and additional £27.50 total is £111.00

For example – day dog 


It is a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped and it is one of the best ways to increase a lost dog’s chance of getting back home should they go missing. Whilst collar and identity tags are also a legal requirement, they can be removed and/or fall off. A microchip is a permanent way of tracing an owner. Should you need to find a new home for your dog, please ensure that the microchip details are up to date. This will ensure that you not only comply with legislation but also ensure a quicker way to reunite you with your dog.

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