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Wednesday , January , 29 2020
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Housing Strategy

We deliver affordable housing in Carlisle through working with local housing associations and developers to bring forward affordable housing sites, as well as negotiating with private developers to ensure that a proportion of properties on all new developments are affordable homes.

We commissioned a Housing Need and Demand Study, which provided a comprehensive analysis of Carlisle's housing market. The report will be used to help ensure that our work, and the new housing we deliver, reflect the need and demands of our residents. You can see an Executive Summary of the report below. For a full version, please contact a member of the housing team.

Our Housing Strategy 2012-16, developed through the Carlisle Housing Partnership, was completed in March 2012. Our Housing Strategy sets out the housing-related challenges that our district faces, and in turn identifies the actions we will take to overcome these challenges. If you wish to view the Strategy, and find out more about the work, please go to the Carlisle Housing Strategy 2012-16 page.

Carlisle City Council also participated in the development of the Cumbria Housing Strategy & Investment Plan 2011 - 2015. This is viewable at the foot of the page, as can the City Council's Homelessness Strategy.

Carlisle Housing Partnership

The Carlisle Housing Partnership (CHP) was re-launched in November 2010.  It comprises of an Executive, and three thematic groups, based on Carlisle's strategic housing priorities:

  • The Housing Market group
  • The Decent and Healthy Homes group
  • The Supporting Vulnerable People group (CHIP).

The purpose of the partnership is to bring together all those who have a stake in Carlisle's housing environment, to work effectively together to deliver Carlisle's housing priorities.

The CHP is part of Carlisle's wider Partnership. CHP's three thematic groups feed into the Carlisle Housing Partnership Executive; the chair of the Executive then reports to the Carlisle Partnership Executive. You can see how the CHP sits in relation to the Local Strategic Partnership clicking the relevant link at the bottom of the page.

The minutes of all CHP meetings are published online, and are available below. 

Developing affordable housing in Carlisle

In order to meet the housing needs of its residents, Carlisle City Council continually strives towards the delivery of affordable housing in the district. 

Our Housing Strategy 2012-16

Carlisle’s Housing Strategy 2012-16 was completed in March 2012. 

The Housing Strategy sets out how we intend to deliver our housing priorities, which are:

  • Balancing the Housing Market
  • Decent and Healthy Homes
  • Supporting Vulnerable People.

The Strategy sets out the key challenges our district faces in delivering these housing priorities, and the actions we will take to meet and overcome these challenges.

Ultimately, we are working to achieve our Housing Strategy vision, which is that:

'Everyone can access affordable, safe and warm housing, and the support they need to live independently'.

The Housing Strategy is not the solely a document of the City Council, but a Strategy developed through the Carlisle Housing Partnership and its thematic sub-groups.  Throughout the Housing Strategy there is a strong emphasis on partnership working, where local, regional and national organisations come together and closely collaborate to secure the best possible outcomes for Carlisle.

The Carlisle Housing Partnership has three theme sub-groups which correspond with the housing priorities above.  Each sub-group has developed a five year action plan, which will be used to deliver the Housing Strategy, and to monitor its performance.  Both the Housing Strategy and its Action Plans are viewable in the downloads section.

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