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Friday , May , 20 2022
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We offer some great staff benefits, including a competitive salary, flexible working, a generous pension scheme and fabulous development opportunities. We also understand that we are as strong as our staff and provide a comprehensive range of training opportunities and well-being support.

For full employment roles, we require applicants to submit an application form through a formal recruitment process as and when they arise. We cannot accept CVs, either on a speculative basis or instead of an application form.

For information on how to submit your application, please see the instructions within the job advert for the role you are applying for.

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We recognise the partnership role that we all have to play in making Cumbria a place that people want to live and work and that we all have a role in supporting the delivery of effective health services in the region. The NHS is currently facing a challenge in recruiting to a number of key roles in the health service. One of the potential barriers to recruitment that has been identified is the potential for prospective candidate’s partners to secure employment in the region. To support this, we have introduced a Guaranteed Interview Scheme for the partners of those health workers in hard to recruit to positions

In participating in this Scheme, the partner organisations recognise that there are the following benefits for all:

  • Attracting and retaining talented people in Cumbria
  • Raising the profile of Cumbria as an attractive place to live and work
  • Providing a much wider talent pool for all participating employers to search in
  • Demonstrating in a very real way effective partnership working
  • Supporting the delivery of high quality health services of benefit to all

The Guaranteed Interview Scheme is a commitment that we have made to support the Health Services in Cumbria in attracting and recruiting health professionals into key hard to recruit to roles. This commitment is to guarantee an interview for the partner of anyone from the eligible roles that meet the essential criteria set out in the role profile for roles where external recruitment is required only. The scheme is not a guaranteed job, as selection procedures will ensure the best candidate for the job is appointed, based on the objective criteria of the role profile.

The Guaranteed Interview Scheme will operate for all external recruitment, excluding Schools, for all those partner organisations who have signed up to the partnership. To be eligible you must be the partner of someone who is actively involved in applying for a role in one of the following occupational areas in Cumbria:

  • GP’s
  • Medical and Dental roles
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Allied Health professions

In addition, you will need to meet the essential criteria set out in the role profile or person specification.

If the role that your partner is applying for is covered by this scheme this will be identified in the advert or recruitment information. If you are interested, you will be given a link to the roles across Cumbria that are available at the various organisations that have given the commitment. The scheme will remain open to you for a reasonable time period after your partners’ appointment into a role.

When you apply for a post you will be asked to identify that you are covered by this guaranteed interview scheme and if you meet the essential criteria you will be shortlisted for interview. There will be no limit to the number of posts you can apply for.

All employees are required to have read and understood our policies. This is to protect you, those around you and Carlisle City Council as a whole. Please take some time to look over the below documents and If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

How to Contact Us

If you would prefer to give us your information in writing rather than over the telephone, just email us at [email protected] to request an application and we can email you an application form. 

To return this to us you can either email it to us, post it to us or just drop it in at the Civic Centre.

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