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Sunday , September , 27 2020
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Allotments in Carlisle

Carlisle City Council has 777 allotment plots on 67 sites, of which 14 are self-managed. Allotment sites are distributed throughout the urban area of the city. Some sites have as many as 60 individual plots while others have as few as two. 

There are specific allotment sites for

  • Pigeons Only
  • Pigeons and Poultry
  • Cultivation Only

A list of currently available allotment plots can be found in the Downloadable Documents. Here, you can also find self-managed contact details, allotment map and current waiting list.

To apply for an allotment, please complete the form  Apply for an Allotment

It will help your application If you can be flexible about the location of the allotment.

Allotments have become increasingly popular and so the waiting list is constantly growing meaning the wait could be months up to years for a plot, depending on the site.

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