Carlisle City Council has many hectares of parks and open spaces

Sailing, fishing and canoeing are some of the varied activities at Talkin Tarn Countryside Park

Sailing, fishing and canoeing are some of the varied activities available at Talkin Tarn

Carlisle has maginificant green spaces to enjoy

Our open spaces are enjoyed by visitors and locals alike


We have many miles of cycling and walking trails

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Kingmoor Nature Reserves

Kingmoor Nature Reserves

Former railway depots now reclaimed by nature, but signs can still be seen of the golden age of steam

17 May 2016/Categories: Trails and Nature

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Kingmoor Sidings

Kingmoor Sidings is the site of a once busy and grimy steam locomotive depot, now echoes to the sound of nature. Although hidden by the creeping blanket of vegetation, you can still get a glimpse of the old turntable and the floor of the old engine sheds. Kingmoor Motive Power Depot once drew schoolboys from all around Carlisle and beyond, to marvel at the spectacle of steam.

Kingmoor Nature Reserves

Kingmoor North and Kingmoor South Nature Reserves are the remains of a much larger woodland which extended north from the Kingmoor Road in Carlisle to the M6 Motorway north of the City. Once the site of a horse racing course, Kingmoor now offers visitors a peaceful and relaxing walk in the woods.

Kingstown Wildlife Pond

Kingstown Wildlife Pond is a small freshwater haven for wildlife, secluded from the Kingstown Industrial Estate and Lowry Hill Road


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