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Hadrians Wood

Hadrians Wood

Hadrian's Wood is situated on the north eastern side of Carlisle. There is limited on street car parking off Beech Grove. There is also pedestrian access off Larch Drive and along Tarraby Lane

17 May 2016/Categories: Trails and Nature

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Hadrian's Wood is so named because of its proximity to Hadrian's Wall. However, the Ordnance Survey Map of 1926 shows that the area lies within what was once Knowefield Nurseries.

Hadrian's Wood in its entirety lays within what was once Knowefield Nurseries. If you look closely you may see traces of the old Nursery there still in the landscape. To this day there are still some remnants of the old hedgerows which once formed the old field boundaries of Knowefield Nursery. Certainly Beech Grove was one of the main thoroughfares through the 150 acre nursery.

To the east is Tarraby Lane. This narrow hedge lined track runs north east from Beech Grove to the small hamlet of Tarraby, where there once stood Drawdykes Castle.

Running alongside Tarraby Lane is Hadrian's Wall. All that remains of the Wall is a long and narrow tract of open land bordered by fences and hedgerows.

It is tempting to imagine that Tarraby Lane was used by people in Roman times as a supply route perhaps, for the various garrisons along the wall. It may have provided a safer route for other travellers too, with the Wall adjacent offering partial shelter from the elements.

Habitat and Wildlife

The site is an important woodland, providing a haven for wildlife in what is now a built up area.

We manage the woodland to increase its diversity and to help restock by under-planting.


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