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Monday , February , 17 2020
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Kingmoor Nature Reserves

Former railway depots now reclaimed by nature, but signs can still be seen of the golden age of steam

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Kigmoor Nature reserves consist of Kingmoor Sidings, Kingmoor South, Kingmoor North and Kingmoor Wildlife Pond, each with diverse habitats steeped in history and all are a haven for wildlife.

Main entrance is off Kingmoor road and well serviced paths allow you to explore get close to nature.

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St Michaels Churchyard

Kingmoor Nature Reserves

Hadrians Wood

Knowefield Wood

Cummersdale Holmes

Engine Lonning

Petteril Valley Park

Talkin Tarn (External Link)

St James Park

Rickerby Park

Melbourne Park

Eden Bridge Gardens

Heysham Park (CA2 7HP)

Hammonds Pond

Chances Park (CA2 6JP)

Bitts Park (CA3 8UL)

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