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Building regulations

COVID 19 – Statutory notification and site inspections for all Building Regulation Applications

Please notify the building control department for all statutory site inspections as detailed in your bespoke inspection plan by phoning 01228 817184 or Email [email protected]

All site inspections will be carried out where it safe to do so.

Building Regulations are set by the Government to protect the health and safety of people in and out of buildings, to promote energy saving and to make sure building works provide enough access and facilities for workers.

Is Building Regulation approval the same as planning permission?

No Building Regulation (BR) approval is entirely separate from the process of obtaining planning permission, which may be required for domestic work regardless of whether the scheme is controllable or exempt under the Building Regulations.

Do Building Regulations apply?

The majority of domestic work which requires Building Regulations approval, falls into the following categories:

The erection of a new building or the extension of an existing building for example, a kitchen extension or loft conversion. (Some "extensions" are exempt from the Building Regulations.)

Structural alterations to an existing building. Examples would include underpinning, formation of a through lounge or partial removal of chimney breasts.

Changing the use of an existing building such as converting a house to flats.

The provision of new drainage or the extension or alteration of drainage facilities for example, providing a toilet under the stairs.

Should you be in any doubt as to whether your proposals require consent, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01228 817184.

  Building Regulations FAQ

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