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Wednesday , March , 21 2018

Street Naming and Numbering

The City Council is responsible for allocating house numbers and road names to new developments and property conversions. Individuals and developers must not allocate their own house numbers, building or street names.

The address of a property is very important. Many organisations, postal and emergency services, and the general public need an efficient means of locating and referencing properties. If a property is not ‘registered’ through the street naming and numbering process it will not appear on the main address database and the owner/occupier will encounter difficulties in obtaining mail, goods and services from a variety of sources, for example applying for a credit card or obtaining goods by mail order.

You should apply if you are building new houses, commercial or industrial premises or undertaking conversions of residential, commercial or industrial premises which will result in the creation of new properties or premises.

You should apply once you have received planning permission or an appropriate building regulations decision, utility companies will not install services without an official address and postcode.

You can apply by sending your details to [email protected]

How much will it cost? 



New individual property

No Charge

New street

No Charge

Redevelopment of existing building


Alterations in either street name or property Numbers to new developments after initial street naming and numbering has been undertaken

£104.50 + £10.50 per property


Existing Properties



Change of house name


Adding an alias to a numbered property


Change of building name (for example a block of flats)

£36.50 + £10.50 per unit

Change of Street Name (residents request)

£104.50 + £10.50 per property

Street Numbering (residents request - where no numbering system exists)

£104.50 + £10.50 per property

Sub division of property or merge of properties (charge only Applicable when owner/occupier applies for permission for the Sub-division)

£36.50 + £10.50 per unit

How long will it take?

 Applications will be processed within 28 working days to create a new postal address. If the new development includes the creation of new street(s) then the local Councillors for the area will be consulted on the proposed street name. 

A street naming and numbering plan will be drawn up and sent to Royal Mail for post code allocation. Royal Mail decide on the post code. If Royal Mail agree to our proposal then they will issue the postcode(s), you'll then be sent a copy of the plan and the official addresses.   

It is the applicants/developers responsibility to notify Royal Mail to activate the postcode(s) - contact Address Development Centre at Sunderland on 08456 04 50 60 (Option 3) or fax 08456 05 44 33 to activate.  

Street Name Plates

We are also responsible for making sure that street name plates are provided and fitted in suitable positions. If you have an enquiry about street name plates call 01228 817579.

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