Saturday , February , 24 2018

A Local List of Heritage Assets for Carlisle District

Carlisle District has over 1,500 listed buildings, however, there are many other heritage assets of architectural, historic or archaeological interest throughout the District that do not meet the strict criteria for national designation.  Nonetheless make a significant contribution to the historic environment and sense of place.

Carlisle City Council recognises the valuable contribution that these assets make to the historic environment.  We are working with local communities, together we aim to: develop a set of selection criteria to help identify these locally important heritage assets; and compile and maintain a Local List, which will in time be available on this webpage. 

A Local List will help to highlight those places which local communities feel to be worthy of preserving when it comes to drawing up Neighbourhood Plans or when planning applications for specific sites are being considered.

A pilot Phase is underway

Officers are working with community groups and volunteers in Denton Holme and Warwick Bridge to compile a Local List for these areas.  The pilot phase will allow the procedures to be adapted where necessary. 


How will potential buildings and sites be assessed?

In order to assess whether a heritage asset is worthy of inclusion on the local list, the Council working with partners and community members with a wide range of heritage expertise has developed a set of selection criteria to assess prospective heritage asset’s against.  The purpose of the selection criteria is to ensure that a level of consistency is achieved across the District.


In order to achieve this, heritage assets have been split into three distinct groups, they are:

  • Buildings and structures;
  • Landscape, parks and gardens; and
  • Archaeological sites.


A number of criteria will be used to assess whether potential candidates are suitable for inclusion on the Local List. They have been based upon the themes:

  • Age and Rarity;
  • Community and Social Value;
  • Historic and Cultural Association;
  • Architectural Value; and
  • Townscape or Landscape Value.


In addition, other factors such as the rarity of the building or site and its completeness will be taken into account.


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