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Development Control Committee

The Development Control Committee meets every five weeks to consider the Schedule of Applications and other Reports.

Forthcoming Meetings

11 October 2019

22 November 2019

10 January 2020

14 February 2020

20 March 2020

24 April 2020

Under Section 70(2) of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990, all planning applications have to be determined in accordance with the Development Plan (the Development Plan for Carlisle is the Carlisle District Local Plan 2015-2030 and other policies) unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

An Officer Report to assist the Committee in determining the application accompanies all the applications that are considered by the Development Control Committee. The Report identifies the relevant development plan policies, supplementary planning documents, other planning policy guidance issued by the Government, describes the proposal and planning history of the site, summarises consultations, objections and representations and makes a recommendation based on planning policy and other material planning conditions.

The Development Control Committee may approve, refuse or defer consideration of the application for further information or a site visit.

If you would like to view electronic versions of Committee Reports including officer's reports, they are available by following the  link 'Development Control Committee Schedule Reports and Minutes' on this page. The Development Control Schedule and Agenda will be available by midday 8 days before the meeting. The Development Control Minutes and Decision Schedule will be available after the meeting.

Speaking at Development Control Committee

How do I register my interest in speaking?

You will need to contact Development Management, Please e-mail or phone (01228) 817112 or 817482 after the Committee schedule is published (8 days before Committee) but no later than 5pm on the Wednesday prior to Committee.

You cannot register an interest ahead of the Committee schedule being published.

When you contact us please be prepared to give:

  • your name, postal and/or e-mail address and daytime telephone number
  • the application number and proposed development to which it refers
  • whether you represent anyone else
  • confirmation that you are prepared to have your details passed onto other callers with similar views so that you can also speak on their behalf
  • details of any special access arrangements you may require.

  FAQ - Development Control Committee

Special provisions relating to tree preservation orders

Proposals for the making of tree preservation orders (TPOs) often attract local interest in the particular area where the Order is being considered. The Council’s Constitution delegates the making of TPOs to the Corporate Director Economic Development and Corporate Director Governance unless there are objections, in which case it must be referred to the Development Control Committee for confirmation. Where this arises, the Council allows members of the public, who wish to speak in opposition to a TPO being made and also anyone in favour of the Order, to be given the opportunity to speak at the Committee.

Only TPOs with objections are referred to Committee. Supporters of the TPO do have the right to speak at the Committee. Arrangements for giving notice of wish to speak on a proposed TPO are set out under “How do I register my interest in speaking?”

Information about dates of and papers for meetings of the Development Control Committee are available on this website.

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