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Planning Enforcement

The council will try to make sure that planning rules are followed. Breaches of planning control usually take one of the following forms:

  • A building is erected, extended or altered without planning permission.
  • Work is carried out which does not comply with approved plans.
  • A condition imposed in a grant of planning permission is not complied with.
  • An unauthorised change of use of a building or land, eg use of a residential property for business use.
  • An advertisement is being displayed without advertisement consent.

 We can resolve these issues by discussing them with the developers, or by taking more formal action and serving enforcement notices or other legal notices.

How to report a planning breach

If you feel a breach has occurred and would like us to investigate, please email [email protected]  Please include as much information as possible.

What happens next?

When an alleged breach of planning control is reported or suspected, the site or premises will be inspected and other information sought to find out the facts. If a breach of planning control is identified the person responsible for the breach will be told of what is wrong and what action is required to remedy the breach.

All reported cases remain confidential during the investigation. However, in some cases, we may request individual members of the public to support us in formal proceedings.

We do not investigate:

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