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Carlisle Educational Charity

(Registration No. 509357)

Providing Financial Help for Students

Formed from an amalgam of bequests dating back to 1893, the principle objective of Carlisle Educational Charity (Charity Registration 509357) is to promote the further education of young people under the age of 25 within the area of Carlisle. This is achieved by making grants to young persons under the age of 25 who have been awarded a further or higher education place and who (or whose parents) reside within the Carlisle District. Financial assistance can also be provided to young graduates wishing to undertake higher studies or obtain professional qualifications.

The Charity also makes cash awards to assist students to travel in this country or abroad where the purpose of such travel is clearly associated with their course of study.

When considering applications, the Trustees will take into account the financial circumstances of parents and the extent to which they have the financial means to support their children.

The Charity invites all applications from students that fit the criteria above. However, the number of applications that the Trustees are able to support is limited. This has, in the past, been regarded as families with a joint income of £21,000 and under. Students with a joint family income above this level are still invited to apply but should be aware that, should sufficient applications be received from families in the low income bracket, it is unlikely that they will receive support.

During 2021, the Charity paid out 32 grants, totalling £9,150, to local students. Although all applications are considered on merit, the Charity exercises a bias in favour of those with low parental income. Over the years, many thousands of pounds have been awarded, principally in the form of grants ranging from a few pounds to several hundred to help students meet the costs of books and equipment in connection with their college or university courses.

The significance of the Charity is that it exists exclusively for local young people. There may be a number who are considering further study but are concerned about the financial implications – which is why the help provided by the Charity really can make a difference.

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