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Tuesday , June , 18 2024
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Welcome to Art's and Culture

Whatever the new ‘normal’ is there’s never been a more poignant and exciting time for arts and culture. Like very thirsty people we’ve all been dreaming of slaking our creative thirst. There’s real positive energy just bursting to get out. Be part of these exciting times, there are already many ways to get involved (some listed below) but there’s always room for new ideas.

So sharpen those pens, dust off the brushes, or have a gargle and get your voice ready. Here’s to it. Scroll down for more information or use our interactive map and lists of exciting museums and monuments.

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Kingmoor North Nature Reserve (CA3 OJQ)

Kingmoor North is a wildlife haven sandwiched between a growing industrial city. Assess by foot is gained from Kingstown Broadway, Bankend Road, A689 ,Chandler Way, Coopers Way various entrances from Kingmoor Park and also from Kingmoor South Nature Reserve

Kingmoor North Nature Reserve (CA3 OJQ)

Designated in 1913 Kingmoor North is the oldest nature reserve in Cumbria, follow the old Waverley railway line to discover areas of mature woodland as well as newer planted areas in this little wildlife haven.

Kingmoor South Local Nature Reserve (CA3 9QH)

Once the home of Carlisle's horse racing course, Kingmoor South is now a tranquil woodland situated in the north of Carlisle. There are two small car parks, the first located on Kingmoor Road, the second at the end of Westmoor Road.The site can be reached on foot by one of the many entrances from the Lowry Hill housing estate, from Kingstown Industrial Estate and by following the path from Kingmoor North Nature Reserve.

Kingmoor South Local Nature Reserve (CA3 9QH)


Kingstown Wildlife Pond (CA3 OHE)

Kingstown Wildlife Pond is an ideal habitat for some of the amphibians and dragonflies living in Carlisle. Located between Lowry Hill Road and Kingstown Industrial Estate it is one of Carlisle's hidden gems. There is a small car park situated at the end of Wakefield Road, pedestrian access can be gained from Lowry Hill Road and the Kingstown Industrial Estate as well as by following the link path from Kingmoor South Nature Reserve.

Kingstown Wildlife Pond (CA3 OHE)


Rickerby Park (CA3 9AH)

Opened in 1932 as a memorial to the fallen of the Great War of 1914 - 1918, this ' natural' park extends upstream along the sinuous River Eden from Eden Bridge

Rickerby Park (CA3 9AH)

Rickerby Park is a public open space in Carlisle, Cumbria on the banks of the River Eden. The parkland is dotted with mature trees, beneath which cattle and sheep graze the sweet pasture grasses. A riverbank path follows the sweeping bends of the Eden and, by crossing the Memorial Bridge, you can complete a circular walk back to the city centre on the opposite bank.

Nearby is Rickerby Hall and the village of Rickerby.

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Useful Information and links

A Strategic Framework for Culture in Carlisle was initiated in 2019 by a small steering group of Carlisle City Council, Prism Arts, Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust and the University of Cumbria.  The consultation was designed to not only engage existing cultural specialists but to encourage a diverse range of voices representing diversity, business, education, health, individual and freelance artists and creative practitioners to contribute to shaping the future arts and cultural agenda.

Discover Carlisle has lots of ideas for things to see and do in and around England’s biggest city


"A virtual hub for all things multicultural in Cumbria. Sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences"

 Multicultural Cumbria

    Cumbria Arts & Culture Network 

 Cumbria CVS

      Prism Arts

   Eden Arts


   Carlisle Contemporary Arts 


There are a number of historical monument in and around Carlisle.  Please see the downloadable Monuments and Memorial Guide below.

Public art

Professional street art is growing in the city as show cased in this Cumbria Guide article.  


Landmark Street Art








The Source Collective  


Theatre and Drama


  Rocket Theatre