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A Local List of Heritage Assets for Carlisle District

Carlisle Area has over 1,500 listed buildings, however, there are many other heritage assets of architectural, historic or archaeological interest throughout the District that do not meet the strict criteria for national designation. These buildings do however make a significant, local contribution to the historic environment and sense of place.

The Council recognises the valuable contribution that these assets make to the historic environment.  Cumbrian Local Authorities received a joint grant circa £70,000 from Historic England in 2021 to assist in the development of a ‘local list’. These would be heritage assets that were not of sufficient national interest to make it on Historic England’s national list of listed buildings, but which might otherwise be of local significance.  The concept of ‘local heritage assets’ is referred to in the National Planning Policy Framework, and also in Carlisle Local Plan Policy HE6, so is a well-established concept. A Local List will help to highlight those places which local communities feel to be worthy of preserving when it comes to drawing up Neighbourhood Plans or when planning applications for specific sites are being considered.

If you would like to nominate a building for the Local List, which will be considered by the Local List Review Panel, please click on the link below to enter your nomination, any queries please contact our Urban Design & Conservation Officer on 01228 817077 alternatively email - [email protected].


The Local List Panel

Once entries are submitted they are briefly sifted by an officer steering group to ensure that enough information is included and that the submission meets the basic criteria (e.g. that the building is not already a listed building) for consideration as a local list nominee. The submissions are assessed periodically by a Cumbria-wide panel comprising elected members – generally the ‘Heritage Champion’ from each Local Authority, and representatives from regional amenity societies. The panel’s recommendation is then made, with an opportunity for public advertisement of the draft list, and an opportunity for public comment, prior to adoption of the list.

The List

Buildings that have been recommended for inclusion, and have been ratified by the panel, will be available to view on the Local List. The List will be reviewed at least once per year, and possibly more often depending on the number of nominations received. The Local List will be available to view on this page once it is ready. The List will be a living document, and will be updated periodically.  


What is a heritage asset?

A building, monument, site, place, area or landscape identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions, because of its heritage interest. Heritage asset includes designated heritage assets and assets identified by the local planning authority (including local listing)’. - National Planning Policy Framework (2012).

‘Heritage interest’ refers to aspect of the historic environment that are worthy of protection for current and future generations to enjoy, due to their architectural, historic or archaeological interest.

A Local List must be taken into account in determining a planning application but do not carry as much weight as a designated heritage asset. Nevertheless, they are important considerations in terms of the contribution they make to local distinctiveness and their potential importance to the local community.

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