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Sunday , March , 26 2023
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We can help eligible households in Cumbria to access a government grant of up to £25,000 of FREE funding to install energy efficient products into homes. The improvements will help make homes warmer and more comfortable whilst helping to lower energy bills and carbon emissions. The Sustainable Warmth funding encompasses the Green Home Grant Local Authority Delivery Programme (LAD3) and Home Upgrade Grants (HUG1).

To be eligible you will need to:

  • Live in Cumbria and be an owner occupier or privately rent.
  • Have a combined household income of less than £30,000 per year (if you have 3 or more household members the income may be up to £38,000 depending on your local authority's ECO flex policy) OR a member of your household is in receipt of a means-tested benefit
  • Have an EPC rating of D, E, F or G. If you do not have an EPC then we can arrange this as part of the grant application.
  • If you have combined household savings of £50,000 or more, your application will be assessed on a case by case basis. This is in order to ensure that all grants are awarded in the spirit of the local authority scheme rules.


To apply please complete and return the Sustainable Warmth Cumbria grant application form available from the Sustainable Warmth web page.


You are also eligible to apply for the other grants including for energy efficiency listed on the Homelife Carlisle page (the link to the page is found below). If you would like to apply and are a Carlisle resident complete a Discretionary Housing & Sustainable Warmth Grant application form which can be downloaded below and we will consider you for all the grants available including Safe & warm, Energy Efficiency, Gas Safe, ECO/ ECO flex and Sustainable Warmth Funding.

For more information please visit our dedicated page for Sustainable Warmth Cumbria Grants:

Go to Sustainable Warmth Cumbria Grants' page


Homelife Carlisle provide free Hospital Discharge Grants to anyone who is in hospital, or has recently been discharged, and requires emergency repairs or measures to get them home.

For more information please visit our dedicated page for Hospital Discharge and Dementia Friendly Grants:

Go to Hospital Discharge page

Safe and Warm Grants

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Are you a home owner?

Homelife Carlisle has various fully funded home improvement grants to help you and your family stay safe and warm, promote independence in your home and to keep you healthy and well in your home.

Safe and Warm Grants can be awarded for home improvements including your heating, electrical upgrades, double-glazing, damp-proofing or to reduce risks and accidents up to £7,500 per household. To qualify a member of your household should have a health condition or disability or be a carer or be over 60 years of age and have savings less than £23,500.

You do not have to be in receipt of a welfare benefit but if you do receive a benefit, including tax credits, then you may qualify. If any works are required to facilitate a hospital discharge then there is no means-test. If you are a private or social housing tenant then you may be eligible for a safe and warm grant for key-safes, draught-proofing or deep-cleans.

UPDATE APRIL 2022: There may be some delay in processing Safe & Warm Grants at the present time due to a staff vacancy. Any new applications will be put on hold until the service resumes in a few months. Hospital Discharge and Dementia grants remain unaffected. Thank you for your understanding.

Dementia Friendly Grants

We have non means-tested grants up to the value of £3,000 to help people with dementia or memory problems make changes to the home that would support them to live in their own home safely and for longer. Examples of measures may be:

  • Colour and contrast decorating
  • Carbon monoxide/ cold / heat alarms
  • Lighting
  • Safety flooring
  • Key-safes
  • Digital technology

Go to Dementia Friendly Grants' page

Energy Efficiency Grants

Are you a home owner? Want to be warmer in your home?

Homelife Carlisle is offering grants for insulation and heating upgrades including first time central heating, extra radiators and fire replacements, draught-proofing for all types of fuel including renewable energy.

To be eligible for a discretionary energy efficiency grant you should be a home owner and be in receipt of a specified welfare benefit or tax credits

Gas Safety Charity Grants

Grants up to £500 per household are available to prevent the risk of unsafe gas appliances. The following types of work may be carried out using the FILT Gas Safe Scheme funding:

  • Gas Safety Checks
  • Gas Boiler and Fire Servicing
  • Gas Boiler Repairs
  • Gas Cookers,
  • Gas Fires
  • Gas Pipework
  • Gas Water Heaters

This scheme is available to all Carlisle and district residents who own their own homes AND have a disability or have low household income.

How to Apply

For more information, or to apply for any of the above grants, please complete the downloadable application form and return it with evidence of household income, savings and any health issues as required by post or by email: [email protected] or Tel: 01228 817111

ECO and ECO Flexible Eligibility Funding

Homelife Carlisle is working with approved installers to offer insulation and heating solutions under our local flexible eligibility (LA Flex) Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. So check our ‘Statement of Intent’ downloadable on this page to see if you are eligible. We are particularly keen to target privately owned and rented homes that either:

  • Do not have full gas central heating or are in a rural area and no mains gas; or
  • That have an EPC rating of D, E, F or G; or
  • Are on a low income; or
  • Receive welfare benefits or tax credits; or
  • Have persons over 60 or children under five years old; or
  • Have a health condition affected by cold.

UPDATE: The Government’s ECO3 scheme ends 31.3.2022 and we are waiting for Government guidance on the new ECO4 scheme which is due to start 1.4.2022. Until we receive the guidance we will be unable to accept declarations for ECO Flex from 1.4.2022.

Are you a landlord? Are you a private tenant and feeling cold in your home?

Check if you are eligible for funding towards energy efficiency measures including insulation and EFFICIENT heating. If your privately rented home has an EPC of F or G then your landlord is obligated to improve the energy performance rating of your property under Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards legislation.

We have certain funding for landlords to help them comply with the legislation

To find out the Energy Performance rating (EPC) of your home visit:

Statement of Intent

Carlisle City Council’s Statement of Intent for the ECO flexible eligibility scheme in our area can be downloaded in the ECO Scheme Downloads below

Electricity Priority Services Register

Electricity North West owns, operates and maintains the North West’s electricity network. Occasionally planned and unplanned power cuts do happen and for many customers, being without power can cause extra difficulties that might affect their daily needs. By signing up to our Priority Services Register we can provide extra support to ensure you’re safe and comfortable until the power is back on. 

This is a FREE service and some of the benefits include 

  • Receive proactive updates on power cuts in your area.
  • Nominate a friend or family member to be contacted in the event of a power cut in your area.
  • We can provide practical items such as warm blankets or a torch to help prepare for a power cut.
  • Text message weather alerts. 

We also offer free energy saving advice to help reduce bills, keep your home warmer and minimise the impact on the environment to our Priority Services Registered customers.

How to Apply

For more information, or to apply for any of the grants, please complete the downloadable application form and return it with evidence of household income, savings and any health issues as required by post or by email:​  [email protected] or Tel: 01228 817111

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