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Wednesday , August , 21 2019
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Homelessness strategy

The Homelessness Act 2002 gives Housing Authorities the power to carry out homelessness reviews within the district areas; and places a statutory responsibility on housing authorities to formulate and publish a homelessness strategy based on the ongoing results of regular reviews.

The Homelessness Act 2002 requires the local housing authority to have a strategy which seeks to:

  • prevent people from becoming homeless
  • ensure that there is sufficient accommodation in the area for people who might become, or are homeless
  • ensure that people who might be, or are homeless, have sufficient support to prevent them from becoming homeless again
  • consult with other relevant agencies in carrying out the review and in preparing the strategy

The Interagency Homelessness Strategy for Carlisle 2015-20 was developed in consultation with key stakeholders following a comprehensive review of local trends, gap analysis and a review of National Policy. 

Building on the strengths and achievements of the previous strategy, the 2015-20 strategy was developed to focus on four key priority areas:

  1. Appropriate flexible accommodation and support pathways
  2. Multiple Exclusion Homelessness and Rough Sleeping
  3. Positive outcomes for young people experiencing homelessness
  4. Prevent and relieve Homelessness

Following a full public consultation process, the Interagency Homelessness Strategy for Carlisle 2015-20 was subsequently agreed by full Council, published and launched in June 2015.

A delivery action plan for Year One (2015/16) was agreed by the members of the interagency group with shared ownership of actions. The group meets quarterly, where the action plan is reviewed and progress monitored. Ongoing trends and key achievements are reviewed annually; the results of which will be published on this page. 

The action plan for year two (2016/17) is focused in the following areas:

  • Improving access to suitable supported accommodation for young people identified at risk of homelessness
  • Focused work to safeguard young females at risk of invisible forms of homelessness and rough sleeping, child sexual exploitation and domestic abuse
  • Reviewing and monitoring local access barriers 
  • Promoting a collective culture of early intervention, inclusion and crisis intervention
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of all local discharge and information sharing protocols 
  • Developing a local standard for welfare checks in response to unauthorised encampments

Current members include representatives from:

Youth Offending & Probation Services NHS Foundation Trust
JC+ / DWP Riverside HA
Salvation Army Carlisle Food banks
Unity Two Castles Housing Association
Cumbria Police Carlisle City Council
Cumbria County Council Carlisle and Eden District CAB
Impact Housing Association Carlisle Key
Children’s Services Cumbria Law Centre
Cumbria Law Centre Inspira
Turning Point Cumbria Gateway
Homeless Link Churches Together

If you would like to find out more, get involved or request a hard copy of the strategy (or in a different format) please contact Tammie Rhodes on 01228 817217 or [email protected] for more information.

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