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Housing and Homelessness Advice and Information

Please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you are at risk of losing your accommodation so that we can give you appropriate advice and assistance to try and prevent this from occurring. if you or someone you know requires advice and assistance in relation to their housing situation you can contact our services directly by using this link

For anyone that is homeless tonight or experiencing a housing emergency; advice is available from Officers at the Civic Centre during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. Out of hours please contact the appropriate telephone number detailed below. 

If you are aware of someone who is rough sleeping please contact us immediately to report this by any of the channels listed or via Streetlink

Service Telephone
Housing and Homelessness advice (during office hours only) 01228 817428
Emergency homelessness advice (out of hours - single women and families) 01228 817386
 Emergency homelessness advice (out of hours - single males)  01228 817373

Other useful contacts

Benefit Advice   01228 817400
Cumbria Law Centre   01228 515129
Citizens Advice Bureau (Advice Line)   03444 111444
Citizens Advice Bureau (Admin Line)   03300 563037
Shelter, Kendal   0844 5151945
Shelterline   0808 8004444


  Further Information on Homelessness - FAQ

Harrassment & Illegal Eviction

Existing Private Tenancy

Carlisle City Council believes that everyone has a right to good standard accommodation and work alongside Private Sector Landlords to ensure that satisfactory standards of living accommodation are achieved throughout the Councils area. Property inspections undertaken and advice offered by the Council will coincide with current housing legislation, to safeguard the Health and Safety of the occupants in a dwelling.

As a Private Tenant you have rights and responsibilities:-


  • To be allowed to live peacefully in your home.
  • Not to be forced to leave your home without the correct notice


  • To abide by the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement

If you want to leave your home, you should give at least 4 weeks notice in writing to your landlord. If you want to leave before the end of the agreed term, your landlord can insist that you pay rent until the end of the fixed term. You should give as much notice as possible to avoid problems getting back any deposit you may have paid to your landlord.

Your landlord does have a legal right to access your home to carry out inspections or repairs as long as he gives you reasonable notice, (at least 24 hours), unless it is an emergency.

Your landlord can ask you to leave at any time after the six months, providing any fixed term you agreed when you move in has ended. He must give you two months notice in writing that he wants you to leave.

Your landlord can apply to the County Court for a Court Order ending the tenancy at any time for certain reasons laid down in law. These include rent arrears, anti-social behaviour and damage to the property.

Your landlord cannot evict you without a possession order from the County Court. If you have problems with your landlords trying to force you out of your home, please contact the Housing Advice Team at the Council.

Harassment & Illegal Eviction

The majority of Landlords provide decent accommodation, have a good relationship with their tenants and are law abiding, however, if you find yourself in a situation where a landlord behaves unreasonably you should seek advice immediately.

It is unlawful for your landlord to make you leave your premises by putting pressure on you, or by locking you out. If your landlord does this to you, then contact Carlisle City Councils Housing Advisor, the Community Law Centre or the Citizens Advice Bureau immediately. If it is the evening or weekend and none of these services are available, contact your solicitor or telephone the police.

Quick court action by a solicitor can get you back in and get the landlord to stop harassing you.

Harassment can take many forms, from threats or acts of violence, to more subtle means by telephone calls or visits late at night, or builder's works started but not finished.

The Council can, and does prosecute landlords for harassment, and/or unlawful eviction, but has no means of reinstating a tenant to the premises.

The law says:- If your landlord is harassing you in order to get you to leave your accommodation, or preventing you from doing something you have a right to do, and he/she has reasonable cause to believe (i.e. should know) that the harassment is likely to get you to leave your accommodation, then your landlord is committing an offence.

Always keep a record of each incident, with dates and times and if necessary, photographs of unfinished works or disrepair.

Advice Agencies

  • Citizens Advice Bureau : 01228 - 633900
  • Community Law Centre: 01228 - 515129

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