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Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest. They are identified so we can protect them and make further improvements to their appearance.

When somewhere becomes a conservation area, the following rules apply: 

  • Demolition of most buildings in the area are controlled, whether they are listed or not
  • Trees in the area are protected
  • Control is strengthened, so that the area can be preserved well and further improvements to its appearance can be made.

More information on conservation areas can be found on the Planning Portal (external link)


Chatsworth Square and Portland Square Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

A appraisal and management plan for the Chatsworth Square and Portland Square Conservation Area has been adopted.

Article 4 Directions

Some properties within the District are subject to Article 4 Directions which withdraw specific ‘permitted development rights’. This means that planning permission would be required for works which would normally be permitted development and a planning application must be made, and granted, in advance of these works.

To view Article 4 documents see Listed Buildings Page.

Brisco and Wreay Conservation Area Designations

A public consultation has taken place on the proposal to designate Brisco and Wreay as conservation areas.

Both Carlisle areas were assessed by Carlisle City Council and are well-preserved rural villages whose qualities could be safeguarded further by designation. The potential of each village for designation as separate conservation areas is was proposed, subject to the outcome of public consultation.

At its June 22nd Executive meeting Carlisle City Council determined to designate a new conservation at Brisco. The adopted boundary map can be viewed below, along with the Brisco Conservation Area Appraisal which informed the decision to designate.

The potential conservation area at Wreay – whose pre-designation assessment can be viewed via the link below – will be subject to further public consultation.

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