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Existing Operators

We have no existing casino operators within Carlisle City council area.

Operators of casinos licensed before the introduction of the Gambling Act 2005 were entitled to 'grandfather rights'. This meant they could convert their licences under the Gambling Act 2005, on the following basis:

  • the casino will not be subject to the minimum size requirements which will otherwise apply under the 2005 Act
  • the converted casino premises licence will not count towards the limits specified in section 175 of the Act (the so called 1-8-8 formula)
  • the gaming machine entitlement under the 2005 Act has been modified so that it authorises the casino to make available 20 Category B gaming machines, or an unlimited number of Category C or D gaming machines.

Any operator who was in the process of obtaining a casino licence when the Gambling Act 2005 was being introduced was also entitled to grandfather rights.

New Operators of Casinos

The Gambling Act 2005 restricts new casino licences to one regional casino, eight large casinos and eight small casinos within England and Wales. None of these are in Carlisle and therefore no applications for new casino licences will be permitted in Carlisle.

Gaming machine categories

The following table summarises the definitions of the category of machines available:

Category Description Maximum "Stake" Maximum Prize
A Unlimited Unlimited
B1 £5 £10,000
B2 £100 (multiples of £10) £500
£2 £500
B4 £2 £400
C £1 £100
D "Crane grab" with non-money prize £1 £50
D other non-money prize 30p £8
D money prize 10p £5
D "coin pusher" or "penny falls" with combined money/non-money prize 10p £15 (no more than £8 in money)
D other combined money/non-money prize 10p £8 (no more than £5 in money)

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