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Small Society Lotteries

The Gambling Act 2005 creates two broad classes of lottery. If you sell more than £20,000 of tickets in a single event or you raise more than £250,000 in a year then you need a lottery operating licence issued by the Gambling Commission.

Small societies based in Carlisle that run lotteries need to be registered with Carlisle City Council.

Registration will only be granted if the society is established and conducted wholly or mainly for one or more of the following:

  • Charitable purposes
  • Participation in, or support of, athletic sports or games or cultural activities
  • Other "not for profit or personal gain" causes.

Running the lottery

Before holding the first lottery, the society must:

  • Nominate a member of the society as the lottery promoter
  • Approve its own lottery scheme
  • Notify the Council in writing

The society may employ an external lottery manager to undertake the running of a lottery on its behalf. The persons who may manage a society's lottery are:

  • a member or employee of the society
  • a company that is wholly owned by the society
  • a person certificated as a lottery manager by the Gambling Commission
  • an employee of a certificated lottery manager

Applications for certification of lottery managers should be made to the Gambling Commission.

Small Society Lottery Fees

Application Fee £40

Annual Fee £20      


Every society registered with local authority to run small society lotteries must submit a statement providing the following information:

  • The date on which the tickets were available for sale or supply and the date of the draw,
  • The Total proceeds of the lottery,
  • The amounts deducted by promoters,
  • The amounts deducted by promoters of the lottery in respect of costs incurred in organising the lottery,
  • The amount applied directly to the purpose for which the promoting society is conducted or for which the local authority has power to incur expenditure (at least 20% of the gross proceeds) and whether any expenses incurred in connection with the lottery were not paid for by the deduction from proceeds, and, if so the amount of expenses and the sources from which they are paid.

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