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Tuesday , October , 27 2020
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Which waste/recycling container do I use?

We offer a range of containers to help you to recycle and manage your household waste.

Refuse waste – black wheeled bin (or a reusable gull-proof sack for properties unable to have a bin)

Garden Waste – green wheeled bin

Cans, Glass and Aerosols– green recycling box

Paper, Cardboard and Cartons – green recycling bag (separate to plastics - do not mix)

Plastics – green recycling bag (separate to paper, card and cartons - do not mix)

Please see below for more details

You can order a container for delivery. Charges apply for the cost and delivery of some containers (recycling containers are free of charge).

Don't forget:

  • Please place your containers out at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day so you don't miss the collection.
  • See our how to recycle guide for more information.

What happens to my recycling?

grey bin 240ltr

Grey refuse wheeled bin (140 or 240 Litre)

We collect rubbish from grey refuse wheeled bins every fortnight.
If you don't have a refuse wheeled bin and we provide these in your area, please use the online form below to order one (charges apply). Please look after your bin by only leaving it out for the shortest time possible and mark your house name/number on it. If you move home, please leave the bin at your old property.

  • Place your bin out at the kerbside before 7am (or the night before) as we cannot return if you miss the collection (some collections are from back lanes - check with us if you are unsure).
  • Make sure the lid is closed - please do not overfill your bin.  If it is too heavy our lifting equipment will not be able to empty it.
  • Please only place household waste into your refuse wheeled bin - bricks/rubble should be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.
  • We will not collect any bags of rubbish left next to bins.

We will not empty bins that do not meet these service standards.

grey bin 140ltr

Smaller/additional refuse wheeled bins

If you have more than 5 people who live in your household, or two or more babies in nappies you may be entitled to receive an additional small refuse wheeled bin. We can also offer these to replace your large bin if you don't produce much waste. There is no charge for replacing your existing large bin for a smaller one.

grey bin 140ltr

Gull-proof reusable sack

Gull sacks are emptied each week.  If you do not have a gull sack and we collect these in your area, use the online form to order a replacement (charges apply)

  • Place your gull-proof sack out at the kerbside before 7am (or the night before) as we cannot return if you miss the collection.  Some collections are from back lanes, so please check with us if you are unsure.
  • Bag all your waste before being placing it into your gull sack.  We cannot empty it if your waste is placed in loose.
  • Only one gull sack will be emptied (unless an additional gull sack has been previously approved).
  • Do not leave any refuse beside your gull sack as it will not be collected.
gull sack

Small gull-proof reusable sack

Ideal for smaller households. Contact us to arrange a delivery.

green bin

Garden waste bins

We offer a garden waste bin to most properties with gardens. Your recycling collection calendar tells you if we collect garden waste from your area.

  • Place your bin at the kerbside by 7am on the day of your collection. 
  • Please do not line your bin with black sacks/liners as we cannot recycle these!  Thank you.
  • Do not overfill your bin as it will be too heavy for our lifting equipment and will not be emptied.
  • Do not place soil, stones/rubble, pet waste, vegetable or fruit waste into your bin.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer the option of additional bins.  As an alternative home compost bins are available at discounted prices.

Please check that you only put the following items in your garden waste bin:

  • grass or hedge clippings
  • leaves
  • weeds
  • cut flowers or plants (please shake off excess soil)
  • twigs or small branches
  • real Christmas tree (or see the information above about Hospice at Home collections)
green box

Green recycling box

Recycling boxes are emptied every fortnight (usually opposite week to your bins).  Place your recycling box at the kerbside by 7am (or the night before).  Use your recycling box to recycle these items only:

  • Empty glass bottles or jars (eg jam jars, coffee jars) - please rinse, but no need to remove labels
  • Empty food tins (including biscuit tins) and drinks cans and empty aerosol cans - please rinse food cans

Order replacements or additional recycling boxes online or contact us.

green bag

Green recycling bags

Recycling bags are emptied every fortnight (usually opposite week to your bins).  Place your recycling bags at the kerbside by 7am (or the night before).  Use your recycling bags to recycle these items only:

Household plastics (in one bag) Paper, Cardboard and Cartons (in one bag)
  • Bottles (eg, pop bottles, plastic milk bottles)
  • Plastic tubs, yoghurt pots
  • Plastic food trays

Please flatten where possible and place all plastics in one green bag only.

Sorry - NO polystyrene, bubble wrap, plastic bags, plastic toys, cling film, food waste or disposable masks/gloves.

  • Paper (including newspapers and magazines)
  • Packaging boxes
  • Cereal boxes
  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • Food sleeves and boxes
  • Toilet and kitchen roll tubes
  • Food and drink cartons (tetra pak)

Sorry, NO wrapping paper or glittery cards.  Please flatten large cardboard or place beside your green bag.  


    Please ensure that you place only plastics in one green bag and cardboard and paper in the other green bag as we cannot recycle mixed materials. We CAN collect black plastics!

white bag

White bag

If you struggle to carry your green recycling box, we can offer an alternative reusable white bag, which is also great for use in smaller properties.  You can recycle the same items as you would in your green recycling box.

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