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Thursday , April , 25 2024
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Keep Carlisle Clean

Carlisle City Council is committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment for everyone. This commitment recognises the Council’s statutory responsibility to keep the streets and local environment clear of litter, dog fouling, fly-tipping and to deal with other local environmental quality issues including working with a range of partners to tackle anti-social behaviour.

We also need your help to tackle these irresponsible behaviours.


No community should have to put up with streets and green spaces polluted with dog fouling. Not only is it a health hazard, it is also an unsightly mess. There is also no excuse to drop litter or fly-tip. Think twice before you hand over your rubbish to illegal operators - if it’s fly-tipped you could face a hefty fine.


As part of our commitment to keeping Carlisle Clean we have introduced a new strategy. The Local Environment Crime, Action and Enforcement Strategy sets out our priorities and actions. It also show how local communities can help us work together to make a difference.



Enviro-crimes facts:

  • It is an offence not to clean up after your dog has fouled. If caught, prosecution could result in a fine of up to £1,000. Bag it and bin it! - any bin will do, dispose of your bagged waste responsibly.
  • Fly-tipping is illegal and offenders can receive a fixed penalty fine of up to £400. Before you pay for your waste to be taken away, check it is being disposed of the right way. If you dump the waste, you could face an unlimited fine and a prosecution through the courts. You can recycle your waste using household waste recycling centres or arrange a bulky waste collection by clicking on this link.
  • No ifs, no butts - if you drop litter - even a cigarette butt, you could face a fine of up to £2,500.

If you’d like to find out more, please download our dog fouling and fly-tipping leaflets. You can also download our posters if you’d like to help us promote our Keep Carlisle Clean campaign.


Litter Champion Scheme

We are looking for people to volunteer to take part in community based clean up events or as a local ‘litter champion’ to coordinate and lead such activity in your area. The Council will provide you with a litter picker, high-vis vest, refuse bags and gloves to help you to keep your area litter free. 

You'll also be provided with safety advice to ensure a safe litter pick. Just let us know when you are planning a litter pick (if you are a group and require the bags to be collected afterwards) or provide us with information about your litter picking from time to time. 

We'll also let you know about national litter picks from Keep Britain Tidy that you may wish to join or even host in your area.

To join up, please complete the sign up sheet for individual requests and group requests then email it to [email protected] 


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