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Trees and Woodland

Trees and woodlands which contribute to the local environment can be protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Trees in Conservation Areas have similar protection. It is against the law to cut down or damage a protected tree.

You must give us notice and complete an application form if you plan to carry out any works to trees or woodland covered by a Tree Preservation Order. For trees in conservation areas, we must be given at least six weeks notice.

It is an offence to cut down or damage a protected tree.

You can check if a tree has a Tree Preservation Order by using our map facility.Or alternatively, please e-mail your question to 

[email protected]  or telephone 01228 817200.

Trees in Conservation Areas

Trees growing in Conservation Areas have protection from pruning or felling by virtue of their location within the Conservation Area. Before any works to trees in a Conservation Area can be carried out the Council must be notified of the intention to work on the tree(s).

This gives the Council six weeks to consider the proposed works, and if considered inappropriate place a Tree Preservation Order on the tree(s).

Notification should be made in writing and include the location of the tree(s) and a sketch plan showing the trees and surrounding buildings roads etc. so that the trees in question can be easily identified, and an accurate description of the proposed works (photographs appropriately annotated can be used), your tree surgeon, or the Councils Planning/Landscape Compliance Officer will be able to advise. 

Tree Management

The City Council manages the area's trees in two ways:

The management and maintenance of trees on council owned property, such as our parks and gardens, is managed by our Green Spaces Staff. Green Spaces, based at the Civic Centre in Carlisle check these trees regularly for damage and ensure they are in good health. They also prune trees when required. If you are concerned about the health or safety of a tree on our land, telephone 01228 817200.

Cumbria County Council is responsible for roadside trees. Telephone: 0300 303 2992.

The planning system provides a number of safeguards that may affect an owner's ability to carry out works to trees and hedgerows, both of which make an important contribution to both the built and rural environment. They may be subject to planning conditions attached to a previous grant of planning permission that requires their retention, they may be in a conservation area or they may be the subject of a Tree Preservation Order.

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