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Caravan and park home sites

There are a number of caravan and park home sites in Carlisle. These sites can provide an attractive living environment and are a popular choice for many people.

The operators of residential sites are required by law to hold a licence. The licence must be displayed permanently on site.

A site licence is needed so that standards can be regulated. This includes the distance between homes and the safety and adequacy of services like drainage, electrical and water supplies.

All park home sites that provide permanent residential accommodation in the form of static mobile homes require planning permission and a site licence. This is also needed for some holiday, touring caravan sites and gypsy and traveller sites.

Apply now

Application for a residential caravan site under the Mobile Homes Act 2013

Application for holiday caravan, touring or camping site licence

The Mobile Homes Act 2013

The Mobile Homes Act brought in a number of changes to the way in which park home sites are run and managed:

  • Sites must be run properly and professionally
  • Sites must adhere to their licences and the licence conditions
  • The health, safety and comfort of residents must not be compromised
  • It must be easier for people to sell their homes on the open market without interference from the site owner

The new scheme allows Councils to charge for:

  • New site licence applications
  • Changes to existing site licences
  • An annual licensing fee

The Council introduced a Implementation Policy In May 2014 which outlines the fees to be paid by different sites and the sites that are exempt from paying. The fee a site pays is calculated by the number of pitches on that site and the number of times the Council has to visit in the year.

Responsibility of site owners

The new Act requires site owners to review their site rules and remove any that are banned under the new legislation. Each site owner will need to follow the Government guidance and put together a document that lists the new site rules. The site owner is then required to hold a consultation of at least 28 days open to all residents and residents associations. After the consultation the updated site rules must be sent to the Council for approval. Details of this can be found in the Council's Fee Policy.

You can find site rules accepted by Carlisle City Council in the Site Agreement document in the downloadable documents section.

For further information on Caravan Site licensing please contact [email protected] or telephone 01228 817200.

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