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Tuesday , October , 27 2020
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Low Cost Housing Schemes

We  work with private developers to secure discounted sale properties on new housing developments. The properties we negotiate depend on the location of the development and the identified housing need in that area.  Most of the properties are sold at 70% of the full market value to qualifying applicants; although the discounts are smaller on some older schemes.  Homes bought this way are secured via a Section 106 Agreement which means the house will never be sold at full market rate.  If you are not absolutely sure about how the Section 106 Agreement would affect you, or what the different clauses mean, you should consider seeking the advice of your own solicitor.

Who can buy these properties?

You must apply to the Council for these properties and would need to:

  • demonstrate in financial terms that you require the discount on the property in order to afford it, and
  • have a local connection to the parish, ward or district.

How to apply

You must complete an application form for Low Cost Housing and be registered on our waiting list. You can either:

  1. Complete our Online Electronic Form
  2. Download the Application Form on the right and post or e-mail back to us
  3. Request one by e-mail [email protected]
  4. Telephone 01228 817079

In addition to your application form, we will require:

  • Last two months payslips (eight weeks if paid weekly)
  • Evidence of savings (must be recent)
  • Last two months bank/building society statements from all current account/s 
  • Decision in Principle or Mortgage Certificate NOTE: The mortgage advisor/lender must be made aware that the property is subject to a Section 106 Agreement. 

All information you provide will be treated as strictly confidential.  We may also ask for further information depending on what is detailed in the application form.

What is currently available

Address Property Type Open Market Value Discount Value Marketed with  
Admiral Way 2 Bed Apartment £120,000 £84,000, Reduced further to £83,000 *Cumbrian Properties ELA Ltd  
Helvellyn Rise 2 Bed Bungalow £173,250 £138,600 *Vicinity Homes  
Lowry Gardens 2 Bed Apartment £121,428 £85,000 *Hunters Estate Agents  
Hanson Place 2 Bed Apartment £145,000 £101,500 *Your Move  
Lowry Gardens 2 Bed Apartment £120,000 £84,000 SOLD STC  
NEW BUILD Plot 13 The Orchards 3 Bed House £185,000 £129,500 SOLD STC  
Staunton Drive 3 Bed House £150,000 £105,000 SOLD STC  
Raisbeck Close 3 Bed House £164,000 £114,800 SOLD STC  
Barley Edge 3 Bed House £171,428 £120,000 SOLD STC  
Wellside Walk 3 Bed House £135,000 £108,000 SOLD STC  
Heron Drive 3 Bed House £130,000 £104,000 SOLD STC  
Melbreak Avenue 2 Bed House £120,000 £84,000 SOLD STC  
Glaramara Drive 3 Bed House £160,000 £112,000 SOLD STC  
Wellside Walk 3 Bed House £135,000 £108,000 *Homesearch Direct  
Lowry Gardens 2 Bed Apartment £125,000 £87,500 *Vicinity Homes  
Richard James Avenue 2 Bed Apartment £127,000 £95,250 *Vicinity Homes   
Arnison Close 3 Bed House £168,000 £117,600 SOLD STC  
Glaramara Drive 3 Bed House £167,857 £117,500 *Hunters Estate Agents  
Glaramara Drive 3 Bed House £168,000 £117,600 SOLD STC  
Victoria Road 2 Bed House £100,000 £80,000 *Purple Bricks  
Brackenleigh Close 3 Bed House £167,857 £117,500 SOLD STC  
Thornedge, Cumwhinton 3 Bed House £180,000 £126,000 SOLD STC  
Hadrian Way, Houghton 2 Bed House £140,000 £98,000 SOLD STC   
Helvellyn Rise 2 Bed House £132,500-£135,000 £106,000-£108,000 SOLD STC  
Dale Meadows, Cummersdale 3 Bed House £169,000 £118,300 SOLD STC  
Lowry Gardens 3 Bed House £160,000 £112,000 *Cumbrian Properties ELA Ltd   
NEW BUILD, Plot 102 Tarraby View 3 Bed House £156,995 £109,897 SOLD STC  
Haydock Drive 3 Bed House £170,000 £119,000 SOLD STC  
Maxwell Drive 2 Bed House £150,000 £105,000 SOLD STC  
Turnstone Drive 2 Bed Apartment £120,000 £96,000 *Homesearch Direct   
Lingfield Close 3 Bed House £165,000 £115,500 *Vicinity Homes  
Maxwell Drive 2 Bed House £142,857 £100,000 SOLD STC   
Fenwick Drive 4 Bed House £210,000 £147,000    
Pennington Drive 2 Bed House £140,000 £112,000    

* If you would like to arrange a viewing or require further details on any of the above properties, please contact the Estate Agent/Developer directly.

Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding

The Council has set up a register for people, or groups of people, interested in building or commissioning their own homes. Custom/ self-build housing is defined as: “Homes built or commissioned by individuals or groups of individuals for their own use, either by building the homes on their own, by employing builders or buying bespoke designs from a developer”. If you are interested in joining the register or finding out further information, please click here

Home Reach / 'Heylo' Housing Shared Ownership

If you are interested in shared ownership housing - a part-rent / part-buy scheme where someone purchases a share in a property and pays a rent on the remainder - there are properties available through Home Reach / Heylo Housing on a number of developments in Carlisle.  Further information on the scheme is available on Heylo's website  

For details of the shared ownership properties available, including an electronic form if you would like to register an interest, please click here.  

Alternatively, the sales office telephone numbers are:-

Tarraby View - 01228 586794 or 586795

The Coppice - 01228 586828

Speckled Wood - 01228 580547 or 580548

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