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Thursday , October , 17 2019
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Self Build and Custom Housebuilding

Purpose of a Custom and Self Build Register

Carlisle City Council as a local planning authority (LPA) is responsible for keeping a Local Self Build and Custom Housebuilding Register as set out in section 1 of the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015.The Act places a duty on the Authority to have regard to the register when carrying out planning, housing, land disposal and regeneration functions.

The custom/self build register will provide valuable information and evidence on the demand for self-build and custom house building within Carlisle district.This is a register of people and associations that are seeking to acquire serviced plots to build their own homes to occupy as their sole or main residence.

A serviced plot of land has access to a public highway and connections for electricity, water and waste water.

Custom/self build housing is defined as:

“Homes built or commissioned by individuals or groups of individuals for their own use, either by building the homes on their own, by employing builders or buying bespoke designs from a developer”.

For more information regarding the Self–build and Custom House Building (Register) Regulation 2016 follow this link

How to enter onto the register

Applicants can register as individual or as an association (a group of people wanting to build together).  Each individual or member of an association of individuals that applies for entry must be:

  • aged 18 or older;
  • a British citizen, a national of a European Economic Area (EEA) State other than the United Kingdom, or a national of Switzerland; and
  • seeking (alone or with others) to acquire a serviced plot of land in the Carlisle district area to build a house to occupy as that individual’s sole or main residence.

Individuals who wish to register as an association must appoint a member or officer to act as the lead contact for the purposes of correspondence.

If you are part of a couple or other household group that wants to register for a single plot, please complete the ‘individual’ application.  If you are representing a self build group and would like to make an application on behalf of the group, please complete the ‘association’ application. 

Once you have submitted your application we will notify you within 28 days as to the success of your application for entry to the register. 

If you wish to apply to join the register please download the appropriate form for

  • individual self-builders; or 
  • associations of self-builders (if you are part of a group).

The form should then be returned to the e-mail address or postal address on the bottom of the form.

Useful information:

One of the first challenges that a self or custom builder faces is the price and availability of land.

Local knowledge of an area may assist you in identifying potential plots. If in doubt of ownership use the Land Registry Website.  

Local estate and land agents hold mailing lists of those searching for a building plot.  Register with agents and keep in regular communication with them.

Other resources available to you that include plot search facilities:
The Self Build Portal
Self Build Directory
Build Store

Planning permission

Self builders are subject to the planning rules and should familiarise themselves with the planning application process.  Find out more about planning advice and guidance on the Council’s planning pages:

Carlisle City Council LABC Custom Build Guide Book

Information on the LABC Custom Build Guid Book is provided on the following link:

Low Cost Housing Scheme

We work with private developers to secure discounted sale properties on new housing developments. The properties we negotiate depend on the location of the development and the identified housing need in that area. Most of the properties are sold at a 30% discount from market value, although the discounts are smaller on some of the earlier developments. If you wish to find out more click here.

Cumbria and Lancaster Community Led Housing Hub

The Cumbria and Lancaster Community Led Housing Hub is hosted by ACT (Action with Communities in Cumbria) who have 70 years experience of working with local community groups.  The Hub is the first port of call for local community groups interested in building their own homes - providing advice, resources and useful contacts.  For further information please access the Hub's Website using the following link: .

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